Author Topic: 2012/10/24 - Blockland r1749  (Read 37277 times)

I think Badspot released this update today just to mess with you.

tip: if you can't find the skull, you may need to disable prop_skull

on another note, I think the skull looks a bit weird with the nostrils...
skulls don't usually have nostrils:

Our characters don't even have noses, if you didn't download a decal.
what's your point?

what's your point?
Blockheads do not have noses. The default skull brick has nostrils. The skull brick looks weird because it's not accurate and it doesn't have to be.

Those are obviously human skulls shrunken by Badspot. (hes a witch doktor)

Awesome! This coffin is great for about, 75% of the builds I am making.

  • Slight speed improvement for particles under shaders
Yes! Now I won't get 5 FPS from standing in fog.

Hooray for new updates :D

I like the jail door

Holy stuff, cool new bricks!