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I may leave RTB 1.045 for a while. since I can't buy retail, I will await the release of TBG.
This was posted on various other forums recently, but I had to wait to be able to use this forum.
Since retail is .DSOed,  it is harder to mod andI will not get anywhere with it.
EXAMPLE: I could try to make a maze generator that makes a 150 brick maze, but it would be nearly impossible to make it change bricks. If SOME client commands were not .DSOd I could possibly find the inventory selection, and make it take out the right other brick. It is nearly impossible to make any large mod to because it would require multi function changes, or mid-function changes.
If I could buy retail, I would, but I CAN'T.
I want peace on all the blockland forums.
TBM, Retail, RTB, blockland0002, and all the rest should be peaceful once again.
Why can so few others see that? Why does each community have some people blinded by thier hate of the other comunities. We should work together for a better blockland. I will post this on all the forums I can, And just maybe, bring Blockland back together.
Retail can't release the .cs versions, because then they would have to make it free or be ripped off.... But they shouldn't limit people who CAN'T buy it so much hen fantasize about shutting down the od master server, because thats the attitude that keeps the old RTB up. TBM and TBG should try to keep both Retail and RTB alpha together. Everyone is wrong. TBM ignores blockland, wich it was created from. Retail shuns it's alpha because it's free. RTB's alpha dispises Retail for it's reduced freedom. Bleh quit because of all that. Can't you see? Your petty arguments have split the blockland comunity and made the best people quit. If you don't agree with me, tell me why. I will listen, unlike the people who started the problems in the first place.

retail is NOT a mod

A well meant post, I'm sure. But Blockland is mostly DSO'd because it is a product instead of a free game, that saves Badspot from the trouble of having lolnubs stealing his code. But we have seen the add-on makers thrive, they are absolutley thriving, which I think is just as good.

Blockland isn't dying, it has only just begun.

The Fact that BL is Dso'd isnt stopping Aloshi, Zor (who is doing a lot that has never been thought possible (or tried)), kaje, Trader, Randy, etc i cant even name all of the people who have created great add ons for BL retail (cause its not a mod). The Add on community is completely thriving like cannon said. If the Dso'd files were a problem believe me we would have really complained by now. but instead the add on-ers are solving problems by using simple scripts. A great example of this is the duplicator wand. Randy created a tool so powerful and the Dso'd files posed no problem for him and its a major game changing add on.

The source code is generally unavailable to most people, that probably being the DSO'd code, I'm not an expert, but I am quite sure that the compiled code is what Badspot doesn't want anyone to have yet, or even at all. But the community (Community has unity in it) has done a great job of helping one another. I don't think Blockland has ever been better than it is now.

Only begun the blockland has lol.

What do you mean Blockland is dying? We've got 114 players on-line right now, which is a large increase from last month, and I've got no doubt we'll have more players by next month.

I had that exact same model that I built on my shelf, it fell though and broke and I didn't feel like rebuilding it.

I had a Darth Vader bust, I didn't have instructions either, it wasn't great, but I loved it. It suffered the same fate as your Yoda though.

TBG will never happen lol

they gave up because they couldn't figure out how to delag the game like blockland retail.
you and them fail

I guess it goes to show you that not just anyone can grow quality oct trees.

i think the person who posted this topic has problems. XD

I think it's a TBM guy trying to make peace with Badspot.