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Blockland r1808

Speed Kart Game Mode:

This is a kart racing game mode originally designed by the community that I have implemented and refined.
It uses some community created add-ons that are now part of the game:

  • Modular Terrain Bricks
  • SpeedKarts - modified to only work from GameMode_SpeedKart, if you want to use them in a custom game, download the original
  • Blood and Gore - modified to only apply when you are run over or impact a wall (and renamed Script_VehicleGore)

Gameplay notes:

  • Click the letter bricks to choose a car
  • Self Delete (ctrl+k) while in a vehicle => vehicle burns, explodes after 4 seconds (does not work within 8 seconds of start of race)
  • Self Delete while in a burning vehicle => vehicle explodes immediately (does not work within 8 seconds of start of race)
  • Touching the water = instant death
  • Vehicles left in the spawn point will explode
  • Players who stay at the starting point after the round starts are killed automatically
  • You must touch the gold brick at the end of the race to win

Commands and settings:
  • /trackList
  • /nextTrack
  • /setTrack <number> - get the track number from /trackList
  • $Pref::SpeedKart::RoundLimit - number of races before a track change, defaults to 15

Adding tracks:

   You can add tracks add your own tracks to the rotation by creating an add-on zip file named SpeedKart_YourTrackNameHere.z ip.
   The game mode automatically adds all tracks to the rotation.
   See the included and for examples
   The zip file should contain the following files:

  • save.bls - A save file of your track, including the starting gates and win brick.  Saving ownership or not does not matter, since the game mode will load the bricks as public.
  • environment.txt - Environmental settings, skybox, lighting, etc.  To create this file, adjust your environment settings manually, then use the console function saveEnvironment(<filename>);
  • credits.txt - When the track is loaded it says "Now loading <your track name>, created by: <credits.txt contents>" in the chat.  Credits list is limited to one line and control characters are removed.

   Here is a save file containing just the starting gates and a win brick.

Other fixes, additions and improvements:

  • Borderless window mode - lets you go "full screen" and still be able to alt+tab easily.
  • onMiniGameReset event (admin only) added to base
  • setVehiclePowered event added to base
  • Event_Camera_Control add-on, implements setCameraBrick, setCameraNormal events on both client and minigame.
       usage is setCameraBrick <name of camera position brick> <name of camera target brick>
       this is the event used for the victory camera in gamemode_speedkart
  • Input events can now individually be made admin only, so the usage of registerInputEvent is now: registerInputEvent(%class, %eventName, %targetList, %adminOnly)
  • Fixed "wheel index out of bounds" errors showing garbage data for number of hubs
  • Fixed /clearvehicles command not resetting vehicle count
  • Fixed memory corruption related to certain cases of control objects being deleted
  • Minigame respawn time can now be set to -1 (do not respawn), last man standing mode is implied
  • Minigame timelimit (settable in game modes) - minigame resets after time limit is reached
  • Fixed issue where if you are using mouse steering (ie strafe steering off) and hold the freelook key, strafe keys suddenly becomes turn again instead of roll
  • Fixed third person vehicle camera colliding transparent bricks
  • Fixed issue where bricks would not load if their uiname started with a space
  • When a minigame is reset it now cancels all events started by people in the minigame
  • Various restrictions lifted on event ownership to make autonomous event driven game modes (like speedkart) work.  This may have dire consequences.
  • If minigame has respawn time of -1, dead players are put in observer mode.  Press space to change between orbit camera and free camera.  Left click/right click to go to previous and next players.  Living players get a bottom print message telling them how many people are observing them with orbit cam.
  • Fixed gamemode capitalization in server list when gamemode is launched from command line
  • Removed /UsePrintGun command
  • Minimum vehicle remount time increased from 1 second to 2 seconds
  • Functions from script_clearspam are now part of the base game code
  • Changed a bunch of game critical schedules from being on the globalQuota object to being on no quota so that they cannot be accidentally canceled
  • Formatting improved on listclients(); console command
  • Fixed console error about wrong number of arguments for connectArranged()
  • When you die and press F8, the "click to respawn" text is now removed
  • Player smoke trail effect (from burning) is now removed on entering water
  • Fixed memory potential corruption related
  • Orbit camera now has a fixed vertical offset so your view doesn't spaz out when the person you're observing crouches/uncrouches rapidly
  • Fixed issue where if you start a game mode, quit to main menu, then start a custom game, it loads the game mode save
  • Fixed improper usage of messageClient in some wrench errors
  • IP addresses are no longer prefixed by "IP:", hopefully this doesn't break everything
  • Minor flood protection added to /light command
  • Fixed unintialized values causing intermittent crash after "Activating package: CanvasCursor"
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Wow, very nice!
Fixed issue where if you start a game mode, quit to main menu, then start a custom game, it loads the game mode save
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Oh boy I am so happy right now
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