Author Topic: The Forgettable Dungeon: Early Access Release  (Read 282036 times)

Forgot to update this with the Kickstarter post I did in may sorry about that.
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wish i had money to pledge :(

Thank you Rotondo, very cool!

THIS stuff LOOK FUN AS forget

mario 64 reference?
oh no
here comes nintendo ninjas
funnies aside really cool

i like this new title

Finally made something recently that's not an end game spoiler wanted to show everyone.

5 years ago this thread was made.

holy stuff its actually been 5 years what the forget

taboo was even around then holy stuff

I loving hated taboo.

anyways, when does this game come out?

five more years. obligatory game deadline joke here blah

Actually since there's already all this playability I'm sure most of the engine is ready designed and functional so most of development will be content. I'm guessing the deadline is somewhere in late 2019
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