Author Topic: Zealot's Game Giveaway - POETRY WEEK COMING TO AN END  (Read 27441 times)

bishock infinite plox xoxoxo
oh hey just noticed this, care to give out bioshock infinite to a close friend
greeting, i would like bioshock infinite
bioshock infinite pls

I love you.

And your Civilization V.

nice givewaway you have here :^)
care to give bioshock infinite

Could I get Borderlands or Bioshock? I've never played either and I wish to try them out.

Could I have Bioshock Infinite? It has support for intel graphics unlike some other popular/modern games. I can't afford a gaming computer, and a laptop with intel integrated graphics is all i got. I can't even play some of the games I own because of my laptop's limitations. So I'd really appreciate it if you gave it to me.

wow zealot nice to see you!! how about giving bioshock infinite to an old partner in law!!!!

you should give your cop partner omnicron persei 8 bioshock m8

could you just give me bioshock infinite please thanks that would be great

Going to do something amazing
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CIV 5 please

I will love you

and make multiple cities made from your name

zealotian city

or if I don't swipe CIV V ill get the other one because complete obv means all DLC

just incase, I will also make many tributes each month to you by deleting soldier units

oh stuff so i guess we are all repeating our messages now?
well that's a stupid ide-
I'll take Bioshock Infinite if it's still there.
i will love you because at the time it was only 10$ i missed it because i had no money and i really want to play it.

late edit:
I recently got the Steam Family Share, so my brother can play too, and he really liked Bioshock 1 and 2.

i call bioshock infinite

I would like the civ 5 simply because both my roommates have it and I would like to play with them. That and I dont have a job currently or I would buy it myself.

Hey, I would really like to have Bioshock: Infinite. Thanks!

Bioshock: Infinite plz