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Just a thought, maybe rather than posting "I would like this cause I don't own it so thanks I'll take one"
You ask politely if it's available and write for it like he said we should
anyone else think he's trying to get gory stories out of us for a creative writing class

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His split personality liked to prove himself that he is truly vulgar and violent behind his meek nature.
Time would seemingly disappear from his life. He would be driving his car on his way to work, and then suddenly he would be in Columbia holding a gun to the head of a R.A.V.E.N. agent.
Jack was too scared to tell anyone about it just in case he did something in one of those time-skips he doesn't enjoy.

Thankfully, the situations he finds himself thrust into don't breach into his normal life that was until yesterday.

"Well well, what do we have here, little Jack Loki playing house?" Said the same R.A.V.E.N agent he decided to let go a week ago.
 'Karma is it fun to toy with my life?' Muttered Jack while looking for a way out. After finding no way out he started to feel the blood drain from his face.

 "Oh crap not again" He wheezed as blood came back to his face.
Coming back to his sense he started to look around his office. Broken furniture, blood everywhere. It looked like a scene from a gory action movie.
 "Oh god what have I done..." Jack exclaimed in disgust.
"Nothing we would be ashamed of. " A voice rung in his head.
"Wh-wh-who are you and why ca-can I hear you in my head?"
"It is me jack, tha other you, Loki's da name."

Just by chance while grasping the feel of the voice rattling his brain, Jack saw a blood-splattered mirror on his desk and noticed his eyes, one black, one crimson.
"We cant just keep ignoring each otha if we want ta live Jack." Loki''s voice rung loudly in Jacks skull. "R.A.V.E.N. will see ta it that we will be sleeping forever in a psionic research facility."

Civ 5, because it didn't seem like there would be any other way besides type a mini story.

oh my god this is getting intense.
everyone re-stating reasons for games
op has an entire army at his fingertips

I'll take Bioshock Infinite if it's still there.
i will love you because at the time it was only 10$ i missed it because i had no money and i really want to play it.

late edit:
I recently got the Steam Family Share, so my brother can play too, and he really liked Bioshock 1 and 2.


I just purchased Bioshock Infinite because it is 75% off on Steam.

so yeah i don't need it anymore
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I'd like that copy of Bioshock: Infinite, lots of people might have asked for it but if you don't want to to give it to me it's fine.

You should give me Bioshock Infinite. Even though I bought it shortly after launch, a friend of mine never bought it yet, and he is a fan of Bioshock.

I want for relieve him of his sins with version of the game. I constantly nag him day after day about how wonderful the ending is. This torment is really starting to wear down on our relationship. He will never know the true feeling of being a true gamer and playing Bioshock Infinite.

Now please great Lord Zealot, relieve my friend of his sins and give me Bioshock Infinite. (I can probably provide verification that he has it.)

Wow this thread is dying, let me perform CPR

Wow this thread is dying, let me perform CPR
you dont have to but if people can enter again im interested in Guacamelee
Few years ago, I had a crush on this girl. I was easily 9 or 10,but at the time I was beta as forget. I ended up talking to her finally, turns out she wasn't a bitch to beta-me. We start talking everyday, she's cool as stuff. We played Pokemon all the time together. Eventually she moved away. We still talked over the internet.3 months later she was diagnosed with leukemia. One day we traded pokemon, it was her prized typhlosion. "Why did you give me that? It's your favorite." "Because I think it will like you more." After a few weeks she becomes worse. She passed a few weeks after. I mourned for a whole month. I finally turn my game back on, I take the typhlosion and there's a note. "I love you."
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I'd like to try and get Civ V:

The reason being is I would really like to have this game because I don't have it and all of my friends have it and they are always telling me "Oh, its such a fun game!" "You should get it sometime!". I want this game because I want to play with all of my friends and have a good time with them. I have never played any Civ game either. I would really appreciate it if I was to get this game.

You should give me Civ IV. A friend of mine has it and I rarely see him, but we both play the stuff out of the Civ series, so it would be cool to play online with him. Also I'm seeing him in a few days so we might go to taco bell with some laptops, order like a small drink and do a Civ IV LAN party.

 The new apps are very good. I like the stories. I'm gonna go with this one though:

This will be my final app for Bioshock infinite ( I know i'm a desperate friend )

I really want Bioshock infinite, like really want it, you know like those games that never get but really want to play? Exactly like that. Bioshock infinite is exactly that. I really want it, I would be happy for a long long time, and extremely grateful. I generally liked all bioshock games, not even generally, thoroughly enjoyed them, though I havn't gotten around to buying Bioshock infinite.

If you take a look at those tags, I fit perfectly under them. I love story rich games, I always follow with the story as that is what the developers put there time and effort into, just like the assassins creed games, the developers actually spend a lot of time and effort into storys, I play games to their fullest, I always finish a story, I also love action games, they're thrilling and entertaining giving some sort of challenge to the main story/plot.

This game would be perfect for me in many ways, this game would also make my entire year as previously stated.
I really don't know any of the remaining games but sounds neat
If it's still available, I could write up a short intro themed around my understanding of the game + my knowledge of werewolves
Congratulations! Check your PMs!

Bioshock Infinite is no longer available. I'm gonna be adding in some new games soon. I've found some good bundles.
If anyone sees a good (cheap) bundle they would want me to add, feel free to post it here. I'm going for quality over quantity, I don't want a giveaway full of dumb games nobody has ever heard of, so suggest a good one. Also if it has games that I want in it I'm more likely to buy it and take the one I want, giving the rest away.
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Or more specifically, what about anyone else?

if anyone can write some hot steamy clown stories for me then i would totally give them a game

use this topic as reference

if octodad dadliest catch shows up in OP im gonna flip my stuff and find the steamiest clown story possible

if anyone can write some hot steamy clown stories for me then i would totally give them a game

use this topic as reference
I'll do it but I have already won lol