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New games added, so I am going to fill out another game application form.
First Name: Auz
Last Name: Man
Requested Game: Rush Bros.
Reason of Application: i'll wet your twig
i'll eat your banana
i'll apply your lipstick
i'll add you on steam
I'LL SUCK YOUR rooster
forget ME
I'm interested in Beatbuddy because I am really passionate about music, especially the more electronic genres. In fact, I study music and these games interest me, because of this, I feel like the game is perfect for me, I love video games that really focus on the music and I've heard some of the soundtrack for the game, it's beautiful. If you do choose to giveaway the game to me here is a link to my Steam profile, and thanks for doing this.
Congratulations! Check your PMs!

CIV 5 please

I will love you

and make multiple cities made from your name

zealotian city

or if I don't swipe CIV V ill get the other one because complete obv means all DLC


give me Dear Esther

i'm the only one begging for it

bishock infinite plox xoxoxo

BioShock pls
Will pay in tears

xcom, please.

i will love you forver and ever and you will go down as history where i come from.

I've been tracking Interstellar Marines for quite a while now and I have always been interested in checking it out. So I guess in simple terms, I would want it lol.

Fez. Why? Here's why.You should give me fez because I'm lonely.  That little white pixelated man can make my day. Literally.
I'm lonely because I left my wife because she got me fired from my job. She was pregnant and she called me, crying and screaming, and I pleaded to my boss to leave, and when I got home, she was crying about a furniture commerical picking on uglier sofas. I left her.
i made it even better

oh hey just noticed this, care to give out bioshock infinite to a close friend

I'll take Bioshock Infinite if it's still there.
i will love you because at the time it was only 10$ i missed it because i had no money and i really want to play it.

late edit:
I recently got the Steam Family Share, so my brother can play too, and he really liked Bioshock 1 and 2.
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First Borderlands please, I was born with glass bones and paper skin. Every morning I break my legs, and every afternoon I break my arms. At night, I lie awake in agony until my heart attacks put me to sleep. if you dont you are a heartless person

greeting, i would like bioshock infinite

Updated version, go further.
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Give me Civ 5 and I will I love you long time
I will knit you a sweater out of my soul.