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You should give me Borderlands because I heard it is a really good game and I will enjoy playing campaign, downloading mods, and much more. It'd make my day! I love futuristic fps games, so this would be perfect! :)
I've never gotten a game from you before.
Also borderlands is just damn cool.
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Ok, I'll enter again, I guess

If I can have it, and no one has gotten it yet, I would really love to have Antichamber. If I get Antichamber I would probably be the happiest person in there world, happier than someone who wins the $35 mil. lotto ticket. I want Antichamber because its a puzzle styled game, and my favorite genre of games. Antichamber caught my eye when I first saw it in the Humble Bundle site. I watched the trailer and was like, "I need this game". So if I am able to win it, I would greatly appreciate it.

Could I get Borderlands or Bioshock? I've never played either and I wish to try them out.
Congratulations! Check your PMs! Mr_Minecraft has received Antichamber. Donro has received Bioshock. (The original, not Infinite.)
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added a few more words to my post

You should give me XCOM because you and I go way back :P. We used to talk a lot (and still do) and are pretty tight. I have never played it and would really like to play it. You have me on steam so just PM me or something. I would really appreciate it, thanks.

dude if i get enough i could (possibly) just buy it for you
I was visiting a friend at his college apartment. After a long night of partying I had to get up early to drive home (2 hours) for another friends wedding. During the night, while I was wasted one of the household roommates had borrowed my keys to move my car and never returned them.
While the sun rose on the horizon, I was sifting through my memory of where my keys might be. Then it occurred to me that I had given them to the roommate. I headed to his room. Knock once. Knock twice. Knock thrice. No response. So I peak inside and he's asleep on the bed. I yell his name. He doesn't wake up. One more time. Still no response. So I realize that I have to search his room, otherwise I'm never going to make it to the wedding.
As I enter the room, I hear him breathing so I know he's not dead, just out cold. I look around his room. Check his desk, his dresser, around the floor. I see his pants in a ball at the end of the bed. I check the pockets ... Alas, no keys. So I realize I have to wake him up. I am enlightened to the humor of my situation as I take full stock of the scene.
The roommate is passed out on the bed, cradling a bottle of hand lotion with his left arm, and his right hand is still wrapped around his package. Apparently, he never made it through his spank session before passing out.
So I'm left with this question ... How the hell do I get my keys back, without touching him, or letting him know I've seen the situation.
I look around the room, and find a blanket on a chair. In my best matador style, I fling the blanket across him and exit the room as quickly as possible. As I shut the door, I start banging on the door as loud as possible, and yelling his name, telling him I'm coming in whether he likes it or not.
As I open the door, he curls himself up in the blanket and looks at me. "What!?!?" he yells, more embarrassed than angry.
"I need my keys, you have them."
"Give me a minute"
I shut the door. A few seconds later the door opens up, his right hand pops out holding the keys.

^ clickable ^
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hey yo if you don't give me bioshock you're going to be.... "cleaned off"
i got connections

Edit - I am going to do something.
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I would like the civ 5 simply because both my roommates have it and I would like to play with them. That and I dont have a job currently or I would buy it myself.

I simply refuse to write a short story because of the nature of my wanting the game. It is for a selfish reason.

give me bioshock infinite

Congratulations! Check your PMs! Mr_Minecraft has received Antichamber. Donro has received Bioshock. (The original, not Infinite.)
Did you read mine? It's on the last page.

Am I allowed to enter again?

You should give me everything because I have cancer and I'm going to die in five days

Cause me wants Civ V

IMO there would be nothing wrong with you wanting a game again. But he should pick someone who didn't already receive a game to make it fair if its a game everyone wants.

But overall its up to him if anyone can try again.

well I don't care what games FEZ or something but my mum is loving cheap she lies she never takes me to the loving movies when she says yes I ask her to get me important stuff well she does not I get them myself well I have the worst mum ever
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