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Apparently I have to describe why I want a certain game. And actually this is a good chance for me to get stuff off my chest.

I've actually wanted Dear Esther since the 2012 remake came out. I would obsess over the music and the setting that involves ghosts, mystery, and my favorite thing the ocean. I'm not just saying this because I want the game but Dear Esther is truly a beautiful game. I've never bothered with playthrough videos of it because honestly I don't want the story spoiled for me. I truly wish you would gift me the game on Steam, Zealot. And quite frankly I've had a most stuffty evening and It would really help me out. I'm not going to post my Steam account here because I don't want to seem so confident that the game is mine right away so If you want my Steam name just contact me and I'd have no problem giving it too you. Cheers!

I don't need a Steam name. I just PM the user the Steam Key.

Zealot please :(

everything will be clowns and zealot themed

I don't need a Steam name. I just PM the user the Steam Key.
Zealot please don't ignore, read the last page :c

I bought 2 new bundles! Winners can now reapply for more games, have fun and check out the new titles!

I'd like blockland, it looks like some really fun game where you build stuff with lego like bricks. I love lego's, we even have an entire room devoted to legos in our house!

I'm kidding, :P

I'd like Time Gentlemen Please + Ben There, Dan That

I've honestly been thinking of getting this game for quite a while.

Could I please have Borderlands or Civ IV Complete, I can play both of those with my friends :)

Well scence was like the last post of the page im going to repost and add a game I  rlly want Borderlands and CIV:V But if i cant get thoose ill take Dear Esther or paranormal
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i want blockland but i already have it

Blockland alt
Few years ago, I had a crush on this girl. I was easily 9 or 10,but at the time I was beta as forget. I ended up talking to her finally, turns out she wasn't a bitch to beta-me. We start talking everyday, she's cool as stuff. We played Pokemon all the time together. Eventually she moved away. We still talked over the internet.3 months later she was diagnosed with leukemia. One day we traded pokemon, it was her prized typhlosion. "Why did you give me that? It's your favorite." "Because I think it will like you more." After a few weeks she becomes worse. She passed a few weeks after. I mourned for a whole month. I finally turn my game back on, I take the typhlosion and there's a note. "I love you."
if that doesnt do it then
My family always wants to tell the story about the loving ice cream. Always the loving ice cream. Every single girlfriend has to find out.
Edit: So here is the story I lovingly call; "The Ice Cream Bitch Slap"
Anyone who knows me knows that I come from the middle east. So I will often go there to visit my family and friends. This has been going on since a young age, it can get really boring in the middle east so my parents would consistently put me in these camps where I would play soccer and stuff.
I hopped from camp to camp usually doing something really dumb to stop them from letting me go to camp there. I have a whole bunch of stories if anyone cares. One year when I was about 7 and at camp. It was a particularly hot day, I was without money and about to die of thirst or starvation, I was laying on the soccer field when some older kids kicked me off so they could play.
I just started wandering aimlessly when I saw the little shop at the edge of the camp, and sure enough there was a loving ice cream machine right out front. With nobody on guard.
So in my dehydrated, delusional state I decided I would have some of that loving ice cream. I walk up to it and I just put my face against it for a few seconds, amazed by the relief.
I looked around and made sure no one was looking and just started to lean against the ice cream machine. Then I "accidentally" hit the lever causing it to spill out thick, creamy vanilla ice cream. Then I walked away.
Over the course of about thirty minutes I would walk by the shop, stop, and lick the mound of ice cream on the grate of the machine. Eventually the ice cream melted into the grate and was gone. But, I was still thristy so I pulled the lever again, this time into my hand.
Sure enough as soon as I was going to pull away from the machine some lady grabs my arm and starts yelling at me! So when she leaned her face towards mine to yell at me some more. I took my ice cream covered hand and basically slapped her across the face. She fell hard right on her ass and I took off running.
stolen from reddit
pm for uncensored clown art if you want but i just realized the guys a dog
damnit r34 why do you only have 1 page of clown and it's all furry crap
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I would like Monaco because that game really appeals to me. I saw the trailer when it was on a bundle one day, and I loved it. I thought that it was my style of a game, and I would really enjoy having it. I would be super happy if I got it. I also LOVE pixelated games like Monaco. I think if I got this game, It would probably be the game that would have the most hours played on my steam than all the games I have combined. I would really love to have this game and enjoy it if I got it.


I'll take one finger deathpunch if you will

I've already posted some steamy hot clown fan fic for you.

Hey Zealot, you know me, I know you, we're friends, we have good stupid chats! It'd be extremely wonderful of you to gift me a copy of Monaco, I've been following the game since pre-alpha and just never got around to buying it. I don't have much else to say I don't want to be a kiss up little brat so do as you please with the copy, but it'd be great if you gifted it to me.

You know my Steam.