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What about Civ IV?
oh wait nvm
civ 5 is still there
and civ 4 too

civ 5 is gone dude
no it's not, what are you talking about?

no it's not, what are you talking about?
did you not read what i said afterward

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His split personality liked to prove himself that he is truly vulgar and violent behind his meek nature.
Time would seemingly disappear from his life. He would be driving his car on his way to work, and then suddenly he would be in Columbia holding a gun to the head of a R.A.V.E.N. agent.
Jack was too scared to tell anyone about it just in case he did something in one of those time-skips he doesn't enjoy.

Thankfully, the situations he finds himself thrust into don't breach into his normal life that was until yesterday.

"Well well, what do we have here, little Jack Loki playing house?" Said the same R.A.V.E.N agent he decided to let go a week ago.
 'Karma is it fun to toy with my life?' Muttered Jack while looking for a way out. After finding no way out he started to feel the blood drain from his face.

 "Oh crap not again" He wheezed as blood came back to his face.
Coming back to his sense he started to look around his office. Broken furniture, blood everywhere. It looked like a scene from a gory action movie.
 "Oh god what have I done..." Jack exclaimed in disgust.
"Nothing we would be ashamed of. " A voice rung in his head.
"Wh-wh-who are you and why ca-can I hear you in my head?"
"It is me jack, tha other you, Loki's da name."

Just by chance while grasping the feel of the voice rattling his brain, Jack saw a blood-splattered mirror on his desk and noticed his eyes, one black, one crimson.
"We cant just keep ignoring each otha if we want ta live Jack." Loki''s voice rung loudly in Jacks skull. "R.A.V.E.N. will see ta it that we will be sleeping forever in a psionic research facility."

Civ 5, because it didn't seem like there would be any other way besides type a mini story.
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so uh
what happened

borderlands because it has cartoon graphics and i was in a cartoon then i left to smoke weed everyday and also because im a friend and ill let you stick your richard in my ear

This will be my final app for Bioshock infinite ( I know i'm a desperate friend )

I really want Bioshock infinite, like really want it, you know like those games that never get but really want to play? Exactly like that. Bioshock infinite is exactly that. I really want it, I would be happy for a long long time, and extremely grateful. I generally liked all bioshock games, not even generally, thoroughly enjoyed them, though I havn't gotten around to buying Bioshock infinite.

If you take a look at those tags, I fit perfectly under them. I love story rich games, I always follow with the story as that is what the developers put there time and effort into, just like the assassins creed games, the developers actually spend a lot of time and effort into storys, I play games to their fullest, I always finish a story, I also love action games, they're thrilling and entertaining giving some sort of challenge to the main story/plot.

This game would be perfect for me in many ways, this game would also make my entire year as previously stated.

Is Monaco:What yours is Mine still available? If so I want it.
EDIT:stuff, forgot to write about why you should give me the game.
Mainly because I'm really desperate right now and I won't be able to get money on my Stream account until September. The game it self also looks really interesting, and I love the top-down view that it has. I've also loved any game that required stealth or strategy to be used. Games about Heist are also really fun to play, and I would get Pay Day if I had a gaming computer.
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Guacamelee: Gold Edition looks fun. I could really use a game that's short and not too extensive like Starbound. Plus that gold edition lets you make your own character so that'd be fun to do.

I really don't know any of the remaining games but
Sang-Froid - Tales of Werewolves
sounds neat
If it's still available, I could write up a short intro themed around my understanding of the game + my knowledge of werewolves

I guess I could use some new games even though I have nearly all the console counterparts for the games available on both devices. Well, CIV 5 looks like it'd be fun, and to be honest that's the only game that I haven't played yet. I have most of the other civilizations but I don't recall having CIV 5. I'd gladly take it off of your hands.
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I still want Civ 5 because I basically asked for it the first time it was open in this thread.

And I will build many themed Zealot countries/cities.

And I don't have enough money to buy it for my own pleasure.

And I love you so give me it please.

Also the other guys down in Community Projects have it and I would love to play with them ;-;

I would like Civilization 5 because I enjoy strategy games of that type; somewhat like Europa Universalis and others like it. I also have many friends who have this game and would like me to play.

Stop ignoring me when posting pls

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