what should i do to the smg...

completely remove the flip clips
27 (22.9%)
keep it the same
47 (39.8%)
offer flip clips as a mod (would replace silencer)
44 (37.3%)

Total Members Voted: 118

Author Topic: Advanced Weapon pack [6/8/15]  (Read 77605 times)

*click any image below to download*

please note:
1. the pack absolutely requires weapon_gun to be enabled to load, if you cant find the weapons when you start a game, this is probably because you don't have weapon_gun enabled!

2. use the command "/SetMyFOV 75-120" to your preferred FOV to the specified number (can be anywhere from 75 to 120) you will need to do this only once for any server using the weapons, if you do not use this command your FOV will be set to 90 by default.

3. Optional: this pack is compatible with the Critical Hit emote, if you want a cool emote for your headshots, try downloading it!

4. this pack does not support multiple slot player types, so try and use the weapons on a five slot player only.

latest update notes:

1). Fixed ads boost for scopes.
2). Fixed AddAmmo event.
3). Fixed Akimbo weapons being messed up by certain commands.
4). Added optional playertype for better scoping and jetting.
5). Added Player:ModWeapon and Player:Removemods events.
6). Remodeled the ACOG sight for better loveyness.
7). Fixed a transparency issue with the SMG's Red Dot sight.
Example events:

1). Added bullet holes with randomized sizes..
2). Added new attachment system that is way cleaner than the old one, and provides better boosts.
3). Nerfed movement speed for when a player shoots/ reloads.
4). Nerfed Pistol and Rifle a little.
5). Akimboed guns can be reloaded, dropped and dry fired.
6). Revamped HUD and notifications.
7). Fully unified weapon scripts, weapon images no longer need tons of the same functions.
8). Moved the muzzle flash light emitter to the weapon's MuzzlePoint.

1). Removed a spammy debug script.

1). Added bot reload support, bots have infinite ammo, but still need to reload.
2). Dynamic recoil: the more you sustain fire the larger the visual recoil gets (can be pretty interesting paired with /toggleammo)
3). Dynamic accuracy: accuracy gets worse the more you sustain rapid fire.
4). added RecoilScale variable to weapon's item datablocks.
Possible next update:
*more akimbo features(not started)
*more expantion packs (75%)

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I tested this at his server and I love it! c: here a cookie  :cookie:

These look and sound pretty nifty

its about time we got another good weapon pack

looks good and all but im getting tired of gun packs

Meh, I'll stick with HK thank you, but heres a cookie for effort!1!1!!!  :cookie:
but no really, You did a pretty good job with this. I might try it out later


oh jeesus! i forgot to change that, those cis are from a different pack i made a while ago

thanks, im surprised nobody brought that to my attention
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Can you add a dropbox mirror? I would use media fire if my popup blocker didn't sleep on the job.

k, fixed the ci thing and updated OP

ill add a link through dropbox, hang on fo a sec


k, i made a dropbox account and uploaded, how do i link you to my file, lol?

derp, figured it out
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by advanced

do you mean futuristic, or new blockland weapon style thingy