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Has it been pushed for testing in any capacity, or is it just ready for the next testing build?
It's just ready for the next build. Once I've got everything included and working for the beta (or at least as much as possible), I'll send out the next update.

The pseudo-equator system has been included! This feature allows you to delay when certain landscape features start generating, based on the start distance you set relative to the +/- Y-axis. This is useful for promoting exploration when used with infinite terrain; works with custom biomes, caves, mountains, clouds and floating islands.

Other progress:
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Edge falloff has been added! For those who don't know, edge falloff is a feature for finite terrain that forces the edges of the landscape to gradually snap to the ground. It was requested over a year ago - mainly to make island landscapes appear more realistic, but it works with all terrain types, including Skylands.

It also supports clouds and floating islands, which is useful in preventing large openings at the edges of the grid. Once the feature is enabled, all you have to do is set the falloff distance, which will alter the height of bricks that are within that distance from any of the four edges.

In addition, you now have the option of expanding the mini control window for the Complex GUI, which will give you more options and greater convenience when controlling the generator.

Other changes for the next update:
✔ Added a new server command to allow any player to see their current position and facing-direction (can be toggled)
✔ Added isObject checks to prevent console error spam
✔ Console echo messages now include a player's id
✔ Added a new server command "/PTGClearAll" which takes the place of the Purge function - clears static and non-static chunks
✔ Change the "/PTGPurge" command to now delete saves for removed chunks
✔ Updated / slightly simplified the Chunk Manager GUI
✔ Updated the "/PTGcmds" and "PTGrmt();" functions
✔ Added the Simplex GUI (still need to finish it and add the functionality for it)
✔ A lot of other small fixes and improvements

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I'll be taking a break from development and posting for about a week, but I'll post another update soon.

Bump, I'm back from vacation! Development for PTG has resumed, and actually the development cycle is starting to near it's end; there are only a few things left to finish before the Beta release, and the final release of the add-on.

GUI - Previewing
The ability to preview landscapes before actual generation has returned, and will be greatly improved. Previews are done completely client-sided, and should be a lot more accurate than in version 2. Previews support just about all features, except for showing details and loaded-builds. Some new additions to previews include being able to toggle certain layers (i.e., hiding water, clouds, etc.), and I'm also planning on adding an option for simulating fog / giving an illusion of depth. This feature isn't finished yet, but I've made some progress:

Enlarging Preview Images
Another few feature is the ability to enlarge small preview images for player builds, loaded builds and for presets. Just click the image to open it in a new window - you can even maximize the window for a fullscreen view.

Noise Scale Auto-Fixing
Since there seemed to be some confusing regarding noise-scales, I decided to add a function that will automatically fix any issues with them for you, while attempting to maintain the ranges you have set. There are two ways to auto-fix issues: either by selecting the button under the noise scales in the GUI, or by selecting the button that pops up with the error message.

New Chunk Saving / Loading Options
Another new addition is the ability to set certain chunk saves as permanent or non-pemanent. To set a save as permanent, just drag-and-drop your desired files into the folder that's automatically created for you. Permanent saves are never removed by the server under any circumstances, which is great for setting up builds on the landscape which you don't want to be deleted - i.e. like a spawn room. You can also now choose weather or not for the server to automatically remove old, non-permanent chunk saves to make room for new ones, if the chunk save limit is reached. Lastly, you can now choose weather or not to load static values for chunks from saves.

Other Changes:
✔ Noise scale checks now only run for features that are enabled
✔ Chunk Manager now shows the amount of saves for the current seed and chunk size
✔ Presets now only load into the GUI when you're on a server
✔ Adjusted noise scale snap and clamp value ranges for uploaded settings
✔ Improved server-sided error checks

✔ Dropped the Simplex GUI (more complicated to include than I thought, not necessary with the inclusion of presets and would delay development)
✔ Dropped the option of allowing mountains within certain biomes (may overcomplicate noise scales and isn't really necessary)
✔ Dropped the option to autosave all chunks on local quit (also not really necessary)

Old version of this isn't doing anything so I guess I have to wait for this.
*explodes because he is not a patient person*

...but [donors] will also receive their choice of one of my own private add-ons (that will not be released to the public).

just to point this out, but thats not cool..

just to point this out, but thats not cool..
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just to point this out, but thats not cool..
I apologize if that was offensive; I'll be buying the song anyway, but I was just saying that any donations towards it would help out. The private mods weren't really that important, just very, very small projects that weren't really good enough to be released publicly, and were meant to make slight improvements to my server. I was planning on releasing one of them with PTG anyway, such as a brick that sets a random item for that brick once planted - like if you wanted to have random items spawn across the landscape when hosting DMs with PTG.

I removed that from the OP though; anything that's good enough to be release publicly will always be released publicly.

Old version of this isn't doing anything so I guess I have to wait for this.
*explodes because he is not a patient person*
Development is drawing to close, the only main things I have left to do are:
-GUI Previewing (close to being done)
-Build-Loading (About 85% done, I'll actually be posting another progress update regarding this soon)
-Boundaries for infinite terrain
-Dynamic Stream Bricks
-Modular Terrain Support
-Events and Third Party Support
-and the remaining issue fixes.

Not much left!

hoo boy this gon b good

This is beautiful. I cannot wait for it to be released!

This is going to be real good!

Did the testing updates get postponed. Or is it coming in one big shipment.
I've been working around with it, found some glitches and stuff. Should probably post.