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PTG has been released publicly, check out the new add-ons topic here:

A topic dedicated to development of version 3 of the Procedural Terrain Generator - the most advanced and versatile generator made for Blockland!
Gallery Topic:

Build Submission:
Version 3 of PTG allows you to load your own .bls saves randomly into the terrain. I was hoping to have a pack of .bls saves included as a separate download with the release of PTG, so that players can try out the feature by using those builds. If you would like to submit a build to be included in this pack with PTG, please submit it on this topic or via PM - any builds are welcome and full credit will be given.

Rules For Build Submission:
+ Must be under 20,000 bricks
+ Must fit within an 8x8x8 grid of 64x cubes (in other words: if Blockland had a 512x cube, your build would have to fit inside it)
+ Use any colorset you want, but please only use bricks that are included as default with Blockland
+ Builds must be your own, please don't submit other players' builds
+ Please post a screenshot of your build, and a download link to the .bls file (only the .bls, no .zip files please)
+ Non-Directional events, particles, lights, and default item spawns / default audio are welcome


Planned / Included Features:

+ Adaptive Chunk System
          - Infinite and finite terrain generation (can seamlessly switch between both)
          - Autosaving and distance chunk culling for infintie terrain
          - Works for all players in your server and automatically takes into account when players join and leave
          - Pauses when server lag is detected or when close to exceeding brick limit
          - Gradual chunk loading that loads less chunks for players that are exploring / moving, and more for those who are stationary
          - Chunk saving / loading options with save file-amount caps
          - Separate chunk radii for normal players and superadmins, and radial or square grid generation
          - Admin / SuperAdmin manager support (allows certain players to control the generation routines and change settings in the GUIs)
          - Server chat and toggleable server echo messages meant for quick-referencing
          - Easy to use and understand GUIs, server commands and chunk-management
          - Floating brick support
          - Supports any type of brick terrain (ModTer, Mini-Empires, PlateScaping, CubeScaping, and more!)
          - Improved seed-system / terrain generation and preset saving / loading
          - Colorset adaptation
          - Toggleable static / non-static chunks and static value loading (prevents certain chunks from being removed)
          - Gradual brick loading that prevents lag during chunk loading and genreation
         - "Smart" gap-fill scripts
+ Landscape Options
          - Choose between Normal Terrain, Flatlands, Floating Skylands and No Terrain (meant for infinite freebuilds)
          - Add Clouds, Boundaries, Floating Islands, Mountains, Caves, Biomes, Biome-Specific Details, and Your Own Custom builds into the landscape, no matter what terrain type you choose (for both infinite / finite terrain)
          - Greatly improved, less costly ModTer placement script
          - Supports all sizes of Modular Terrain (from 4x to 32x) and Normal Bricks (from 1xf to 32x!)
          - Plantable / dynamic stream bricks
          - Optional feature offsets, section cuts and other technical options for those who want more control over the landscape
          - Psuedo-Equator Simulation (choose when biomes start generating, relative to the Y-Axis position of "0") and Biome/Terrain height-modifying
          - Edge FallOff option (for forcing edges of terrain, clouds and floating islands to falloff to "0" / close openings)
          - Common, Uncommon and Rare detail brick generation for specific detail bricks relative to each biome
          - Custom biome setup, similar to the past version
+ Other Additions
          - Custom bricks (such as pillar bricks and custom ModTer water) that help in reducing the max brick count
          - Optional events (for managing routines, changing the seed and loading presets)
          - Custom made noise algorithms design for speed and effeciency
          - Dedicated server support and possibly cross-user GUI settings-downloading

Community Help & Feedback Welcome:

+ 3-Stage Testing (Starting Very Soon - Testers Welcome!)
         - Initial Alpha Test: Meant for testing core functions, such as finite and infinite generation
         - Beta Test: Meant for checking any and all issues
         - Pre-Release Test: For testing the GUIs and to look for any small, remaining issues before the final release.

+ Submitted Builds
          - (more info at top of OP)

+ Recommendations
          - Recommendations for what should be added, changed or removed are also welcome. Anything that might delay the release though may have to wait for the next version.

Current Testers (20 of 20 Max):
Siberian Husky
The Murderous Cop

Previous Testers:
- Catzoo
- Hodot
- Hawt (removed by request)
- 77x5ghost2
- Greek2Me
- LegoPepper
- Conan (removed by request)
- Dannu
- Maxxi (now Maxx°)
- Honno
- gr8dayseth
- gebenuwell
- Xeidious
- otto-san
- Pecon
- rggbnnnnn
- Taboo (ban on sight by Badspot)
- Dionysusan
- mario0126
- TristanLuigi
- Blake1Studios
- Bester Bageler
- Bdarty
- Aidan10
- Shizza04
- K3k0m@n
- blockguy™
- Mule
- DAProgs
- superdupercoolguy
- tony-0222
- Epiczamz
- jonnyman5656
- Pie Crust
- Bicbacto55 / haloz­³
- SuperSuit12
- dotclock
- DrHitius
- pwnfulz
- mod-man
- DaSord213
- Cookies and Cream
- Kyuande

Dev Updates:

[1/9/2016]GUIs Expansion Option Finished; Over Changes

[1/5/2016]GUIs Are Being Finalized

[1/3/2016]GUI Presets Being Finalized

[1/1/2016]Simplex GUI Near Completion

[12/19/2015]Various Additons / Fixes

[12/17/2015]99% Complete - Entered Pre-Release Stage!

[12/15/2015] Finished Mass Details & Third Party Support; Other New Options  

[11/28/2015] PTG is 98% Done! Streams / Boundaries Finished; Various Changes

[11/10/2015] Streams, Floating Brick Support and ModTer Support Almost Finished

[10/25/2015] ModTer Finished For Terrain

[10/20/2015] ModTer "Cubes&Wedges" Option Close To Being Done

[10/19/2015] Terrain is Now Seamless!

[10/14/2015] ModTer Support Being Finalized, Boundary Support For Infinite Terrain Started

[10/9/2015] PTG Entered Beta Stage!

[10/6/2015] Build Loading Done, SkyLands Updated

[10/3/2015] Build Loading is 95% Done, Lag Estimation and Depth Simulation added to Previews

[9/25/2015] Progress made with Build Loading

[9/9/2015] GUI Previewing Started, Also Included: Enlarging Images, Noise Auto-Fixing & New Chunk Saving Options

[8/25/2015] Edge FallOff Added, Expandable Mini Control Window Added

[8/21/2015] Pseudo-Equator Added, Floating Islands Fixed

[8/10/2015] Clouds and Floating Islands Added

[8/3/2015] Revised Alpha Released!

[7/21/2015] GUI Video Tutorial Added

[7/19/2015] Presets Manager, Dedicated Server & Cross-User Support, Testing Has Started!

[7/13/2015] Selection GUIs

[7/8/2015] Server Commands and Messages
« Last Edit: February 01, 2016, 01:09:27 PM by [GSF]Ghost »

All terrain I generate is awfully symetrical at some parts even if I offset the coordinates X and Y :(

Already fixed for this new version :) I'm using a new, commonly-used method for generating terrain so that shouldn't be an issue anymore.

hodot's gonna be happy

I'll help test it.

Also, make sure there's some kind of API for other mods to generate terrain. I'd be interested in generating new terrain every round as an option in Slayer.

Looks great and useful


blockland has officially replaced minecraft in all respects in my eyes now
i would love to test this as well
« Last Edit: July 08, 2015, 03:27:35 PM by Conan »

I'll help test it.
id love to test this :O

blockland has officially replaced minecraft in all respects in my eyes now
i would love to test this as well
Great! Added y'all to the list in the OP :)

Also, make sure there's some kind of API for other mods to generate terrain. I'd be interested in generating new terrain every round as an option in Slayer.
Right now I'm planning on adding events as a separate download, which will allow admins / the host to start, stop or clear the terrain, change the generator's seed, and to load presets. Would that work, or would it be better to include third part support?

I'd be glad to help test this. I am an experienced add-on maker so I know what to look for and what/how to report.

Can there be a possibility of creating an island? So it's not like just a part of an infinite terrain cut out like the picture you showed, and can we choose the trees to be generated as well?

Holy stuff that looks awesome. Is it going to be released soon?

I'm open for testing if you need it