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connectivity issues can also mean that my internet died for like 5 seconds but the entire chat history disappearing is really annoying. especially if (which happens quite often) i dont notice someone sending me messages.

For people whose preferences keep getting reset, if you have my Blockland Glass recorder add-on, please update it to the latest version. I didn't know that defining global variables like this:
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$Pref::Client::AutoRecord["General Discussion"] = 1;would be exported into prefs.cs like this:
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$Pref::Client::AutoRecordGeneral Discussion = 1; (this isn't the actual variable name; it's just an example)
Exporting global variables like that, as you probably know, would cause a syntax error.

The newest version has fixed this, but Glass still reports some people who are still using the offending version.
Update your add-ons.

To fix your prefs.cs, remove all global variables with a space in their name.

should post this in your own topic as well as a bump

It seems prefs added by different mods for the same "section" are no longer combined. Really disappointing change. I was using this method before so "expansion packs" of the core mod would add to the existing section.

I'm using RTB prefs, with the category named "T+T Melee - General" and etc. This was working before the recent preferences update.

Odd, I'll look in to it. Are the prefs from the same or different add-ons?

Site got some love and care, it resizes better on mobile, changed the add-on page a bit, RTB archive now matches the rest of the site.
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They're from different add-ons, but the original preferences would put them into one section. That is the intended effect of the addons, they're supposed to be "expansions" of the original.

Do you guys know what the icons used in it were called or am I thinking of something else? There was one site that had 300+ icons made by one guy and I haven't found the website since and I thought Blockland Glass used them. Just wondering.

The website now has a bug tracking system for add-ons, and I'm working on a way to submit bugs in-game.

Holy crap, I didn't expect that. That's going to be very useful.

I've spent the past few days working on the next update. I implemented a way to send bug reports from in-game for any Glass add-on, a crash detection system, and I added the RGB preference type.

better than colorid - although I like those too because they're like presets