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I'm quoting this from the old post but this needed it's own thread sooner or later. I'll make an better OP when I have time.
It's a modded minecraft server. Details below.
I'm actually hosting lando's pack for him right now! Transferring the old map (or any part of it) is pretty much impossible, so we're starting anew.
It's 24/7 and on a dedicated server, here's the specs are in this post (to summarize, it's good).

Get the modpack (copy/paste this into the search bar of the technic launcher) -
The server ip is:
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i cant join due to issues with project red

i had a problem with RAM but i fixed

pls gib modlist
Theres a pastebin with the modlist on the modpack page, did you even look

Host has poor ores enabled in the world gen. Why has God abandoned us

Host has poor ores enabled in the world gen.

but why though