Author Topic: siba's ModTer pack v1.4 - 'Wall' bricks  (Read 15223 times)

The last ModTer pack you'll ever need

Been working on a brickpack for a little while now that attempts to fill any common hole you might come across when working with modTer, furthering the rare style that is modTer building.

This is the only pack I've decided to put my name in the title of as a result of just how many different types this ended up being.


4x 1/2

4x Cube Filler




Update v1.1

Update v1.2

Update v1.3

Update v1.4

Download v1.4

siba - bricks
Masterlegodude - icons

(build is my GTA:SA build found here)
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I really like the fence & adapters

Nice I really like this! Especially the Fences and Adapters, also those misc modters. Good Job!

Really dig the fence, been looking for a brick-friendly solution for a while!

oh my god finally, this is amazing.

Thank you, thank you so much. 1000/10

Idk if you want to do more but, could you make a brick like this?

Including a 45° angle version? Also a 45° angle of the fence?
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Nice to see another brickpack, sucks that it looks like one of the more datablock heavy ones but from the pictures/new building possibilities it looks worth it.

I agree with this, some of these would be perfect
OT: I love this, especialy the chain-link fences!

Fence and bench are amazing and unexpected.