Author Topic: what are some flaws you observe in society nowadays?  (Read 984 times)

i'm doing this for research, i'd like to hear the forum's opinion on the matter
so yeah, /discuss

People poking and prodding society for flaws.

handicapped people who are handicapped on purpose and need to die

People are the flaws. We must eradicate this earth of human scum. Humans are a disease on this planet that must be destroyed.

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friends count chromosomes

First and foremost, ignorance of citizens.

People simply don't do enough research before deciding on their opinion of things, especially political issues.
However, it's also true for science, math, history, etc; they take the opinion of "school is dumb and for nerds! I'll never need this! Let's forget it all immediately!" which is genuinely awful. Knowing things not only looks good to others, but it can be very interesting and in my opinion leads to a more enriching life.

oh good i'm like the only person to write an actual response

everyone i know goes "yeah it'd be awesome if girls didn't wear bras" yet at the same time society isn't accepting of that

like, what

pie crust and molten kitten

the media. its the cause of 99% of our problems.

why do people want to ban the confederate flag and not the cool kids club? because the media didnt tell them to be upset with the cool kids club.

you have the right to wave that flag. you have the right to be in the cool kids club.

that flag is hung on poles. the cool kids club goes around and discriminates against black people directly.

why would u be more concerned over the flag instead of the cool kids club? because the media isnt talking about the cool kids club
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handicapped people who are handicapped on purpose and need to die

OT: Everyone who's ready to blow things way out of proportion. Especially for publicity.

we allow severely disabled people, people who will never be able to provide for/work with our normal society, to be born and to suck funds out of the government while generally just being a financial burden to the world

also inb4: 'lel LIKE YOU SLAMM BURN111'

edit: also we allow idiots to run the world