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I was aiming to update the OP last weekend, but things happened. Anyways, the most recent version of ReShade still doesn't work so we're still stuck with v3.0.3 (, note multiplayer will have the depth buffer blocked without building or downloading a patched version), and can't be bothered to try to find out what changed to break it for Blockland. I'm still waiting for someone to port the GPU Gems Godrays from 2.0. Lastly, if you can't find MXAO 3.1.0 (the latest release, note that he teased a raymarch SSAO before):

I might tweak around more with shaders and adding dynamic options to change the shadow offset/fudge with the light direction's z axis, and you might have seen the topic about shadows getting softer with distance, but it's far from perfect, but it's in a demoable state open for any revisions/improvements.

I dug up some circa April 2014 (some of my earliest) soft shadow shader screenshots I made using the max shader screenshot mod since I wasn't using a high end GPU to run shaders constantly (even now I still often play with them off). What sorta bothers me is that the soft shader used in Hata's Shader Toggle was changed from the original settings it was released with.

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The OP has been updated again, and the thread is nearly 2 years old now, yay.

Seeing how ReShade is blocking the depth buffer for network games you can remedy this just by opening the OpenGL32.dll up in a hex editor program and find+replacing all occurrences of "recv" and "send" to "racv" and "sand".
This will change the function export table for the network functions it uses to detect if you're in an online game.

This is my latest code for my PCSS shader:
There are a few new features to mess around with if you really want to fine tune shaders. I've also cleaned up the code a bit from unneeded commented out code blocks and some shader experiments.

about the best i can get

if anyone wants to share what they use i would be more than happy

wi wish i could use shaders but my pc poopy and cant rlly handle trhem that well
"performence" at 80 fps... poopy




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