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They do for me?
they leave weird pixel artifacts and do not upscale the image like its supposed to do.

anybody know how to get rid of this huge area of shadows in front of me?

and is it possible to tweak the shader files without restarting the game
found out you can but still how the heck do i get this field of shadows away
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MXAO 3.1.0 exists
So does ReShade 3.0.8
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I'm not going to bother keeping this thread alive by bumping it before the 2 month limit, as it's clearly been on life support and there isn't really anything going on worth an update to the OP. Here's one final reprieve.
Change of heart - I might post an update to the modded shaders to clean up the config and make it clear that fancy powers of two don't matter for configuring the softness. Also, I'll post some screenshots since I was still somewhat active with blockland during my hiatus. As always, no promises.
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Adaptive Shaders (by Jasa) 11/16/2017 only caveat is that it's limited to 'maximum' (4096) and won't go up to 16384 which is the (apparent) true maximum
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just wanted to add something about hacking the render distance beyond 1000:
misc request topic for shader render distance
related to the adaptive shader level add-on
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related topics to this one (probably will be added to OP whenever I next update it, along with the other tidbits that i edit in these posts):
Reshade/soft shaders complaint
ReShade + Blockland (precedes this topic by a year; the early days of reshade)
Brian Smith's Cel Shader Pictures (precedes soft shadows)
Sepia Shader
Merging Code - Custom Shaders (back in august 2012; not really an enhancement with the OP shader but still relevant with custom shaders and grayscale/sepia tinting)
2012/02/05 - Shadows and Shaders vs. Interiors and Terrain [Fan Art Too] - especially the 'shaderA' and 'shaderB' attachments
Shadow Screenshots
Ultra Shaders Screenshot Megathread!
Post pics of your soft shaders!
todo: archive screenshots in this and prior related topics
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'replace portify with qoh in the url' for port's shader gist links
and more general graphics links
Deferred Irradiance Volumes
Realtime Radiosity, Global Illumination News
lastly the general graphics tech thread on tesseract is updated very often with a ton of graphics stuff if you're really into this stuff (linked in OP)
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this should be the end of edit ins since this isn't the last post anymore so it'd be kinda weird
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thanks quad <3

this is a good topic and probably should survive/continue to exist like the DOF topic does.

ReShade v3.1.0 has been out for nearly a month now; I haven't tested it so if anything beyond v3.0.3 works please do tell.
Also, someone ported some shaders from various sources to ReShade; can someone test the Oscilloscope shader and post a screenshot?
Other ReShade 2.0 Ports (compare older AO methods to MXAO which is gold standard now):
More fancy graphics stuff:
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ReShade makes everything look lovey

does reshade drop frames like default shaders do? i'd love to run it but if i cant play on minimal without dropping to 20 frames im skipping it

does reshade drop frames like default shaders do? i'd love to run it but if i cant play on minimal without dropping to 20 frames im skipping it

Most likely if you don't have the best computer, for me when I have it turned on I maybe see a 5 fps drop at least.

Oscilloscope shader (ReShade):

I might try making a SSAO like version of MXAO with edge brightening again, since after using SSAO again makes it quite clear why we are all using MXAO now.

What happened to the download of hata's shader toggle? The dropbox closed.

edit: also what the hell, reshade is making bl crash before it even opens, I've tried 3.0.1-3.1.0 and all of them don't work for me, same for anyone else?
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I've noticed the download for Hata's shader toggle is down as well.