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thanks, I was planning of posting something on the 3rd year of this topic on feb 12 but not sure what, pretty sure i've exhausted everything by now
as for graphics news, we are now at reshade 4.1.1, mxao should be getting a realism update soon™, and destructoforce is working on a graphix gui mod (that apparently features my PCSS shader!!)
forgot to mention mld"s shiny side texture
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so I downloaded the setup and didn't really know what to assign it too so I just chose blocklandlauncher and now blockland wont open at all. I chose opengl, so what did I do wrong?

You're supposed to assign it to Blockland.exe. Currently, ReShade does not work with BlocklandCEF, and if you're unlucky it still might not work for some unknown reason.

yeah my blockland is loving broken now I don't even have cef
this bitch wont even open anymore
UPDATE: now copies of blockland when I reinstall it wont even loving open
thanks a loving lot
UPDATE: running through portable mode now
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UPDATE: now copies of blockland when I reinstall it wont even loving open
thanks a loving lot
yes because your inability to install reshade means it's his fault??

Two Angles (videos) showing off a my "Ultra A" daycycle and the PCSS shader

Tower I made on the BCC Community Building server (just to show off the PCSS shader again):

I made a small update to the PCSS shader too that sets the shadow softness to be constant through each shadow cascade so far away shadows aren't softer than nearby ones; this was already the case with PCSS enabled but now if you disable it the cascaded shadow map adjustment will be done too.

Forgot to post these a while back. Used qUINT's SSR and MXAO, brick tessellation and some other things I've forgotten + Ambient Light for King Leo's castle.

that last picture is illegally beautiful

qUINT has been updated; specifically MXAO now has a fancy preprocessor define that enables an implementation of Ground-Truth Ambient Occlusion meaning it'll be more physically accurate but will also be a bit slower. Regular MXAO is based on Alchemy AO which was the old state of the art of ambient occlusion.
Obligatory Screenshots:


AO Map


My ultra configurable PCSS shader now uses a Vogel disk algorithm combined with a noise function that gives better results with fewer samples (but at a higher per sample cost than other methods). By default it's configured for optimal performance (8 samples), but you can always increase the sample counts for nearly perfect soft shadows.
Get it here:

So considering this is pretty much the Shader General, did anyone ever create a new fix for point light brightness?

Here is the original topic explaining the fix.

Comparison Image:

Old thread by me requesting somebody update the fix for the game post-r1984.

I checked that out again, and (more or less) like last time, I just changed the ratio multiplier down from 0.4 to a lower number to end up with lights that aren't insanely bright. Considering how shaders changed since (no longer using common.glsl), I'm not sure if that relatively simple solution works as well in other cases compared to the fix Tammy made.

Ratio multiplier? Is this something in the shader files? I haven’t worked with them too much.

Does that work as a good client-sided fix across multiple servers, or do the default lights’ radiuses need to be fixed, since apparently that value is enabled and used when shaders are on, but disabled without shaders.

Would it be okay to ask if my rendering optimization DLL be added to the main thread? It's mostly an improvement if you use shadows, so I'd imagine people looking for enhanced shadows would use it. Thanks.