Do you follow the "three-episode" rule?

2 (5.7%)
No - I drop shows earlier
19 (54.3%)
No - I drop shows later
6 (17.1%)
No - I'll watch an entire series no matter how much I hate it
8 (22.9%)

Total Members Voted: 35

Author Topic: Anime & Manga Megathread 3.0: "SMF Still Sucks Even After An Upgrade" Edition  (Read 154264 times)

FLCL is awesome, can't wait for the second & third season

I'm probably already watching the bad stuff

I'm upset at how right I always am about this

Is Bubblegum CrCIA good?

the original or the rebooted one? haven't watched the latter, so...

the original ova series has a bangin' OST and the animation is AESTHETIC as forget. one thing to keep in mind is that it was cut from 13 episodes to 8. it has a shaky but still enjoyable start and the latter episodes are REALLY loving good, but...the series just ends when it feels like it's found its stride. rather unfortunate as it leaves you wanting more but it's still worth a watch.

:( new shows are all horrible. whats going on.

i have yet to get past episode 8 of a certain scientific railgun
its just so god damn boring

if none of you are watching Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou/Girls' Last Tour, you all have stuff taste
which is nothing new

and since Railgun was mentioned...the Index/Virtual-On crossover game is coming out in February and currently has a demo on Japanese PSN. still can't wrap my head around why the crossover happened, but the game is definitely Virtual-On.
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Why watch currently airing shows? I dont get how people do it.
Personally I gotta PLOW through 12 - 24 episodes all at once.

i just watched your name it was real good. was a roller coaster of emotions

i don't want this season to end :(

PSA: Please Stop Teling Me To Watch Yuki Yuna Is A Hero

Plan to, heard it was good

why were the deaths so sad