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Cyclone Games is a small group of horror game developers creating games using the Blockland platform.
Horror game development was a unorganized pastime of Blockaloni in late November of 2011 to November
of 2014 before Macgyverthehero and Xenos the Red helped with creating the successful "Cyclone Games"
in December of 2014. Our first major horror game released under the Cyclone Games name was Basile 5,
which released in July of 2016. Future titles include Hamon's Game, Challenger, and Popobawa. Our full
team consists of Allun Pentax, Blockaloni, Dragonfeet, Macgyverthehero, Mr. Nobody, Rose the Floran and
Xenos the Red. We hope you enjoy our games. Join the steam community group!

This is a collection our games, both upcoming and complete!


30 years after the fall of Basile Durant and his Belhurst...
Hamon Faust still lurks in the countryside of Nantes,
France where he is linked to the murders of a women
and two men. Along with officer Lucas, it's your job
to crack the case. Good luck! You'll be needing it.


As a lieutenant navigational officer on board the nuclear
weapons submarine U.S.S Murdoch, you're with
the crew as your sub reaches its breaking point.
Emergency docking to the nearest site continues
as normal, until a tremor is felt from the core...


On the island of Pemba, Tanzania, 1995, you and your
team of archaeologists set out on an expedition to
explore a just recently discovered African temple.
They say this temple is quite dangerous, and only
few have seen inside. Are you up to the test?


Monstrum takes the traditional survival horror formula
and remixes it completely with procedurally generated
levels, permadeath, and AI driven predators, ensuring
that nowhere on its derelict cargo ship is ever truly safe.

Set in the dark and unforgiving Belhurst Castle, the Basile
series returns more horrific than ever before. Discover the
darkest secrets of Belhurst, and see how long you can delay
your inevitable death. Relive the survival horror for the fifth
time, in a cat-and-mouse Chainsaw Massacre.

This is a list of our delayed games, these games may need extended time to complete, and may
or may not be canceled in the future.


Have suggestions or are interested in contributing to the thread, server or any of the games listed? Add me
on steam! I'm usually on most hours of the day:

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These look really good.

Monstrum is fantastic, can't wait for it to be hosted again

basile was a lot more complex than i thought it would be

As an detective and investigator of Cleveland, Ohio, you've been sent out to investigate the case of 3 missing people who have entered Helltown, of Boston Township. Inhabited by alleged satanists, insane, apparitions and even "mutants", there won't be any going back.

Just as a quick aside, though I realize this is a ridiculous nit pick, I figured I'd say it anyway.

Helltown Ohio, otherwise known as the Boston Township, is actually a tiny little community about 15 minutes from where I live:


I realize the most major city in Summit County is Cleveland, so I understand that's why you picked it, but technically *slides nerd glasses up nose* if you were to be authentic in your world building, the more actual location to which a local metropolitan detective would be even considering going to Boston Township would be someone from the city of Bath, Ohio and/or Akron, Ohio as those are the two closest cities that are big enough to actually have their own homicide units and not just require assistance from other places when spooky criminal activity goes down.

Sorry to be a huge loving dork about that, it was just weird being a local to the area.

oh wow, that's pretty awesome haha

thank you i'll change it soon lol