Author Topic: Is it okay to be Gay?  (Read 9318 times)

Possibly the biggest loving question that has been running through my mind recently,

Is it okay to be gay?

Basically, Gayness is something that happens when a person dates another person of the same gender. Most of you probably know of it by now. I just want to clear things up by addressing that I am not gay. I was just wondering because Donald Annoying Orange does not support same love marriage (he could even make it illegal) and one of the Captain Underpants books (The Sensational Saga of Sir Stinks-A-Lot) has been getting some flak recently for Dav Pilkey secretly admitting that one of the main characters (Harold Hutchins) is gay. This has caused the book to be banned across some schools. On the internet, people use gay as an insult towards other people.

But is it really that bad?

lol who gives a stuff about your loveuality as long as you aren't doing some nasty stuff like loving animals or kids

But is it really that bad?

if you have to make it clear that you're not gay just for bringing the subject up then you probably don't think so

why did you feel the need to explain the concept of being gay to us

why did you feel the need to explain the concept of being gay to us

it's not even right either. He explains it as an action and not an orientation.

its ok to be gay
but if youre a friend
i will hunt you down
and Break Your Arms And Legs.

i don't care about strangers feelings so yes

in the eyes of the law it should be ok to be gay and should be ok to marry as gay but in my eyes it is a little weird

Being gay is a sin, and i am the devil


People need to pray the gay away or the lord will not have mercy on their souls, amen

No Its ruined my life and my family's life and my dog's life. My cat doesn't care.