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In-Game Name: Coolguy32
BL ID: 37676

Positions: Eventing/ Video Maker

Contacts: Steam

Why do you want to help: I just want to help revive this, a lot of people says this game is dead when it really isn't. and also I wanna find good reason to play Blockland again.
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The topic looks good. It's a really great idea.
If someone gets started on a project or something they can just refer to this topic and recruit builders, eventers, a coder, etc. with little effort compared to going around trying to find all those people.
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2017 will also mark the tenth year I've been using these forums, and in extension, been on Blockland.

Ain't that some stuff though.

In-Game Name: ProTear

BL ID: 109211

Positions: Builder, Eventer

Contacts: Steam, Discord: #4445

Work: This is old, but whatever.

Why: Blockland is such a wonderful game, and it surprises me that it hasn't met 1 Million BLIDs by now. I love this game, I play it almost every day and I would love to see more people, servers, and a better community which we can create together.

In-Game Name: Drydess, alt Wetdess
BL ID: 31596, alt 193608

Positions: building, acting in stuff for videos (voice acting included), and eventing (i've made a few games with VCE, holos, and other things)

Contacts: Steam, Discord is #8703

Examples of your work: Album of my buildings, gets progressively older and therefore not as good in quality
i also did numerous great blocks of terraining on skill4life's blockparty, can't get pics of those though
acted in a few scenes of Block Wars, was also throughout this Blockaloni video

Why do you want to help: i've recently had both a boost of productivity and a lack of creativity; not only would it be nice to get my hands on something to work on, but also i wouldn't be the only one helping out.
past personal benefits, i feel that i can actually help out to try and bring some attention to the blockland community so that the first thing people see when they get this game is some awful attempt at a prison escape or something, from which they get immediately banned. having been on the receiving side of this, it really sucks and would've made me quit as soon as it happened
having immersed myself pretty deep under the community for the past year, it'll be good to finally get off my ass and do something
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In-Game Name: smh
BL ID: 41072

Scripting and project leader
I have you on steam but that's all that I would like to use for communication
Examples of your work:

Why do you want to help: *In here, you will explain why do you want to help with the game's revival*
The top 5 servers on the leaderboard right now at this exact time are the same servers that I have seen for a long time and I'd like to see that change

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We now have a Discord Group available in op, feel free to join!

In-Game Name: mod-man
BL ID: 117

Positions: builder / eventing / video maker / 3d designer

Contacts: contact me through:

Examples of your work (clickable)

Why do you want to help: i got blockland when i was either 10 or 11. since then it has played an extremely huge role in the shaping of who i am. blockland is the game ive always wanted, and i have made amazing memories with this game and the things people have made in it. to this day i still find enjoyment in creating things with this game. my interests have allowed me to change the game itself for my own uses, and i want to be a part of a community that shares the same drive for content creation using blockland.

i feel like when it comes to creating content for blockland, there is untapped potential that i think a talented enough group of people could easily take advantage of and utilize to make something no ones ever seen before. i think if managed properly, this group could be that group, and i want to be a part of it

In-Game Name:TomTheGeek
BL ID:2066

Positions:Build/Server Hoster

Contacts: Steam: ; Discord = i'm on your discord already

Examples of your work: BlockoWorld 2016, iEvent, Early New Years' Party servers

Why do you want to help:
i really want this game to be populated with great people again. i've been with the community for over 8 years and i want to help with everything for you and the cause. hell, i'll let you guys headline blockoworld and help me out if you want! please contact me asap if you want to take on this project with me.

i hope that you people stay determined and produce finished server content as opposed to bureaucratic gridlock

i hope that you people stay determined and produce finished server content as opposed to bureaucratic gridlock
That's my main concern with any sort of project or clan. I'd be happy to script for this clan, I just want to see results. We're all susceptible to losing motivation on a project within this community given the current state of the game.

It's only a revival if people are willing to work for that revival, and I sure hope everyone who has signed up so far understands that.

On the topic of creating good servers, I really, really want to host a bunch of the servers taht I've made. HOWEVER, this loving internet problem gets me everytime
I wish someone would be able to help.

I'll host a dedicated server for our clan, you guys can come over and come up with ideas that we can work on together, I'll announce it when it's up.

Server is up! It will be hosted 24/7 hopefully, the password is BL10
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Sick. Gonna get on and check it out soon.