Author Topic: Help! My parents won't stay out of my business!  (Read 3876 times)

Stuff they do that I want them to stop doing:

1. Coming into my room uninvited. I really don't like people in my room. It's weird to me. Someone being in my room uninvited is like someone standing right next to me as close as they can without touching me, and someone being in my room when I'm not around is like someone standing right behind me and trying not to be noticed. My point is, it's really weird/creepy to me when other people are in my room and my parents apparently don't understand that or don't care.

2. Following me around on the internet. Stuff like forwarding my email to them and setting up some google thing that notifies them when a new search result for my username comes up. It's like they're following me around listening to everything I say and everything other people say to me and that's creepy too. Imagine if they did that offline just creepily hanging out in the corner saying nothing. Also, a quick reminder. Being forwarded my email means they have access to reset most passwords and access basically any account. I've removed this because what the heck.

I've talked to them about it and they basically just say "No, we're your parents we do what we want" and ignore all my claims that it's creepy,
I'm at the point where I feel like almost everything I do, someone's watching me and judging me. BLF, help.

Now that I think about it, if they really wanted to they could access just about any account they wanted. Most accounts only need access to my email to reset the password, and they actually own the backup email I use to reset my password for gmail if I lose it. They actually own the domain and host the server. Basically my only account they couldn't access would be Steam because of the Steam Authenticator thing, but they'd have access to the computer that already is always logged into Steam because you can reset the computer's password from the internet as well, so...

Well they pay for the house which means they own your room.

You could always get a new email and username, lol

Also they're probably reading this right now!

You better hope they don't have an ID too. Because they're gonna ground you if you ban them on your server. Then you'd be able to make that specific drama topic no one has made yet.

Your mom grounded you - Unless your mom plays Blockland and is on the forum and grounded you because you spammed her server it's not drama

Most stuff doesn't actually let you change your username or the attached email though.

Most stuff doesn't actually let you change your username or the attached email though.

So get a new email.

Get a new username. Specifically one that doesn't have numbers in it.

get something called the elf on the shelf and see how they like it

for real its not good and its time to set up a lot of secret accounts

the idea that they're your parents so they do what they want is lame

or if they're reading the things you receive or something, try to set up some hilarious scheme to freak them out enough to stop

Most stuff doesn't actually let you change your username or the attached email though.
um... changing username is relatively uncommon, but it's pretty unlikely that any websites that send you emails won't allow you to change the email you use with the site, lmao

yeah that's not okay regardless of who they are, and it shows that they don't trust you enough to give you the privacy you're entitled to. it's a common abuse tactic and it shouldn't be excused

yes its time to start fresh with a new beginning and new email addresses

Use two email accounts. One for acting like the mary sue your parents want you to be, the other for being you.

Or tell them that since you're at the age of consent that you have enough responsibility to have independence from their helicopter parenting.

Damn you never read that book did you

you just need to tell them that these things make you feel uncomfortable, i think they think that because you're autistic being overprotective is helping, but this is just intrusive no matter who you are

oh is op the guy that guy the aspergers help book or something

find a video about helicopter parenting and tell them to screw off or else you'll be screwed in life

oh is op the guy that guy the aspergers help book or something
op complained about the word special