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Welcome to the 2017 Confederations Cup, hosted by the GBFL.

Ladies and Blockheads, welcome to yet another year of the Blockland football Summer season! We're again back since last years Euro Cup event, and are excited to bring everyone even more tense 5v5 matches in our GBFL stadium, this time hosted in Russia. Alongside this, we've got our brand new team building system to introduce! We hope that this will help introduce new players into the mix and lower the barrier for entry for more and more people to join the GBFL.

Further details will be revealed during the signup process. By using the navigation buttons above you can find out more information about the upcoming season, news, staff, sign-ups and much more.

We hope you are all looking forward to this year as much as we are. Join us on GBFL's CONFED CUP 2017 server to practice and play. Goodluck to everyone involved and may the best team win!

The GBFL is run by a collective of commissioners who diplomatically vote on key decisions. This can range from rule changes to player punishments. Every member has equal weight and ownership in all choices and can be approached by any member of the public if an issue arises. Commissioners are still able to participate and play in official GBFL cups. Rules surrounding this topic are further outlined in the RULES & GUIDELINES section.
Underneath you can find contact details for each commissioner.

 Forum PM
 Discord #0673
 Forum PM
 Discord #7359
 Forum PM
 Discord #2307
 Forum PM
 Discord #5867
 Forum PM
 Discord #5137

News and updates posted by GBFL staff members and streamers will be posted here.
Underneath is an archive of all updates/news posts.

Current images from Custom Cup 2015 & Euro Cup 2016.

We have some exciting new improvements to announce for this year's cup! We have taken feedback from players and have worked together with Eagle517 to create a custom selective ghosting script that should help with players with lower performance computers AND latency. During matches, the players on the pitch can selectively ghost only the stadium/pitch, officials and referees, and players on each team. After lots of testing, we have high hopes this will greatly improve performance for everyone and subsequently the quality of matches!

This isn't the only script we've had made for us either! Referees have also been given new tools at their disposal to help make better calls. They are now able to see a "Last touch" history of the ball, displaying the player's name, their team colour, and the previous 3 touches by other players. We hope that with this we can have clearer definitive calls on which team or player should be awarded the ball in different scenarios.

But we haven't stopped at making improvements on just the pitch! After reviewing how teams have aligned over the past 3 seasons, we have made a decision to try and help balance the teams to have a more competitive cup this year. Captains will no longer sign up with a full roster listed; instead, players and captains will sign up independent of each other. After this step, the captains will use our brand new team building tool to construct balanced teams based on a player pool of all the players that have signed up. We hope this will not only help with more balanced games but also lower the barrier for entry for new players to the GBFL.

This season is to be split into 2 sections, similar to last year. The section A is a cycle of preliminary rounds where each team plays against each other to accumulate points. These points are added to the standings and determine who makes it to the section B. This section is organised as a bracket determined by the teams points accumulated from the section A.

Points Distribution

Winning a match      +4
Winning in overtime      +3
Drawing a match      +2
Losing in overtime      +1
Losing a match      +0
Distribution is set up this way to allow for conservation of points. In any given match, +4 points are awarded between the two teams involved.

Section A: Every team will play against each other ONCE in the format of rounds. During these games the teams will accumulate points, which in turn rank them in standings.

Section B: Using the points from the standings determines which teams make it into the 2 finale matches. 2ND and 3RD position play in a match that will determine who lands 3RD in the season and who goes onto play the 1ST position team for the trophy.

These dates and times have all been agreed and confirmed by all of the captains.
If players have any problems with the current schedule, please take it up with your captain who will then escalate it to a commissioner if necessary.

If you can't attend a game, don't forget that we are planning to stream all matches on our GBFL Twitch and upload them to our Youtube channel!

Rules may have been updated or overhauled this year, so it is extremely important that you do read the rules if you are either intending to play or join the GBFL team!

If you are a captain, please read all 3 sections.
If you are a player or substitute, you only need to read sections 1 & 2 while section 3 is optional.

Rules & Guidelines

So you would like to participate in GBFL's Confederations Cup? We have changed our sign up method this year to hopefully make it easier for more people to participate! As mentioned in the information section above, PLAYERS and CAPTAINS sign up independently from each other. The commissioners will then select the captains that are deemed most suitable to manage a team, from which point more details will be given to captains on the rules of team construction.

The pool of players they can choose from will comprise of people that have signed up directly as a player and the other failed captain applicants.


If you are planning to sign up as a captain, then please be aware you must be able to coordinate a group of people to attend events on specific dates and times. You must also be able to communicate clearly and quickly with commissioners to allow for the smooth running of the season.
If you feel as though you may struggle with any of this, it may be best if you sign up as a player and participate in a team rather than captain one.

If you would like to be a part of the project in another way and support us by being a streamer, commentator, stat keeper, or referee then follow the same link and specify the job you are interested in. All applications are reviewed by only the commissioner team so please be patient!
We will contact you with  the outcome as soon as possible.

Stat tracker
Major Partner
Minor Partner

We're still looking for some important roles to be filled in the GBFL! If you feel as though you could help or know anyone who may be interested in either streaming or reffing, please follow the links to the signup forms underneath to submit your application!

Streamer Position
We're currently looking for someone who is able to live stream matches to our official GBFL_Broadcasting twitch account. The stream should be run at 1080p quality and streamed using OBS Studio as we use this for setting up transitions, scenes, and stream graphics. All further details will be disclosed once an application has been reviewed.

It is not a requirement to commentate during the stream. If you do not feel comfortable doing so, it's no problem as we also have a commentator position that can be filled. In this circumstance, you are able to use our official GBFL Discord to stream their commentary.

Referee/Linesman Position
We're looking for keen members of the GBFL community to help with reffing official matches. If you have experience from previous cups or from playing and participating in matches/skirmishes, this is a positive as it is required you have an understanding of the official GBFL rules and regulations. Players are also welcome to apply for the position, but regulations will be in place regarding what games you are able to support in.

All referee/linesmen applicants will be given training on the correct language and protocol to use during official matches too. Further details will be given once any applications are reviewed.

DEADLINE FOR CAPTAIN APPLICATION   -   [10th July, 2017 - 12:00pm EST]

  • Ron Paul
  • Stealthy Jenna
  • Chill
  • Cyber
  • MicroEDGE
  • TheguacaMole

  • Daxos
  • Drydess
  • Tumbleweed
  • Monsier Kimoo
  • Ethan The Great

  • Cheesemaster55
  • thegucciflipflops
  • Copy_Kirby
  • Jeetlor
  • TF141 Ghost
  • Tronx
  • Exentrik

  • Ragref
  • Fraag
  • Ide
  • Hit
  • Kidalex
  • Nobot

  • meatsale
  • Kingston
  • *Unknown*
  • italics
  • Alphabite
  • Mishi

  • Zentro
  • GreenBay
  • c[_]
  • Xenos109
  • 2many
  • TheSirRolfe
  • War Hero Form The Past
  • Razer
  • quippy

Kit Decals
Contents includes 8 Confederations Cup Teams. All come with home, away, and goalie kits.

For when you want to use the official GBFL football for practice on your server!

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Click above to go to our Twitch broadcasting page.
We try to run streams for every match, so keep a look out!

Euro Cup 2016 - Grand
Finals [ITA vs WAL]

Euro Cup 2016 - Wales
Interview [Grand

Euro Cup 2016 - Semi-
Finals [BEL vs ITA]

Euro Cup 2016 -
Belgium Interview

Euro Cup 2016 - Game
12 [ITA vs WAL]

Euro Cup 2016 - Wales
Interview [GM#12: ITA
vs WAL]

The following players are permanently banned from being CAPTAINS AND/OR PLAYERS in the current and future football tournaments. Blacklists may be appealed.
Contact either commissioner Jam Jar, Mr.LoL or WALDO to start your appeal process if you feel as though you're eligible.
Click here to go to the commissioner contact sheet.

Name    BL_ID    Type
Icosahedron    14912    FULL BAN
Basil    37719    CAPTAIN BAN
Chakada    26986    PLAYING BAN

Jam Jar
Mr. LoL

*previously known as St. PABLO/Tbone107
Sylvanor, ANT, Redconer, Chill, and Magus for helping design and build the entrance.
Chrisbot and JakeBlade for making the whistle item.
Eagle517 & Shock for additional scripts.
Wrapperup for the vuvuzela.
Boodals and JakeBlade for the air horn.
Shock for the server status bar.

Thank you to all of our partners this year.
If you would be interested in advertising or working with us, feel free to contact any of the commissioners from here!

If you'd like to hear more and continue discussing the Confederations Cup, leave a reply or even JOIN our GBFL Discord!

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