Author Topic: 1000 ways to get kicked out of walmart  (Read 28666 times)

the sequel to the original 7 year old thread. let's find out the 1000 ways you can get kicked out of walmart, again. only 1 way per post. must go in order from 1 to 1000, no skipping or going back
go go go

1. Hack the computers
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0. discover that walmart never existed

-1. time travel to the 1st of july 1962 and kill sam walton

2. Cookie Monster your ass all over the floor

.3 show your weenie infront of everyone and get arrested for uuh idk
.4 do a blow JOOB in front of a crowd and get arrested for PDOA

5. interject into milky

4. do a lewinsky in front of a crowd and get arrested for PDA
that'd be public lewdness I believe not a PDA but IDK

7. film a gay researcho in walmart

8. play the audio version of "woody got wood" over the speakers to the entire store

9. kick the store out of walmart

10. Watch the televisions for over 5 hours prepare to get bored.

11. take a stuff on the floor

14. have a mario avatar at a walmart edd works at