Author Topic: 1000 ways to get kicked out of walmart  (Read 12207 times)

68. Scream F****************CK repeatedly and hold the finger, with a love doll, with a pack of hot wheels.

then buy some Jalapeņo poppers for three bucks.

69. print out advertisements for other stores and hang them around walmart

70. play something loud on all of the showcase laptops

71. wheel in a nuclear bomb and set it off

72. run through every aisle of the store naked

73. Hire a team of people to slowly move the shelves closer together over several months, and then the day they are finally close enough start making a ruckus until the security tries to seize you, then scream "HEROES NEVER DIE!" like an autist and tip over the shelves, which will fall on each other.
74. stuffposting on Walmart's Product Reviews Carrying a weapon into the store
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75. loving punch everyone in the face because its black friday

78. Place vintage Doraemon toys and merchandise in the aisles
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thats 78 ding dong
79: forget a love doll in front of children

80. commit mass rdm and get caught blaming it on the poor janitor