Author Topic: THE CHAD REPUBLIC (The Second Republic)  (Read 12212 times)

A band of scholars and internet scientists from the most modernized country this fine green Earth has to offer who came together to find a final solution.

Big boys on top.

coming soon near you somewhere


Virgins cast into the shadow realm for their crimes against the republic.
Brine (53595, 208518)
Bedpost (52177, 160961)
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hello i would like to join if thats possible

interesting off-shoot of nc

nevamind this stuffs wack
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interesting off-shoot of nc

nevamind this stuffs wack
no problem users allowed

brine is our first blacklisted member for spamming me in dms when i banned him from our discord

what a sad guy


christ i did not know you had it out for me that bad

i don't think you understand when you're not wanted lol
if the whole clan is revolted by your presence the best course of action would be to get rid of you

stop bringing drama in this thread. it is a peaceful place

interesting off-shoot of nc
late but lol
there's a reason why most of the people in this clan are ex-nc
also spoiler alert: thot patrol doesn't like the nc either

Shut this clan down right now.

let me in or ill toast your ass, for approx. 40 minutes and then take out of oven and let cool down for 20, after that slice between bread, add corned beef and mayo in-between slices.