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The Nigerian Cunts

Just a heads-up, this drama is more on specific members of this group and not the entirety of it. Some of the people in it are okay and generalizing demographics usually is never right.

Part 1: Bedpost
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To start off with some context, Bedpost has (or used to) hang around in my private discord. Occasionally he joined in with me and others while we played various video games, in which he notably took part in our Barotrauma sessions which you will see he will bring up consistently.

After I got kicked out of/left the Nigerian Cunts, Bedpost "left" as well and stuck around in our discord for a bit. After the Celau is Eon drama settled down I made the Chad Republic and the NC got their panties in a bunch, which led to Bedpost being vote-kicked from my discord(s). In the Chad Republic discord, he was constantly asking to become a Chad, sucking up to me to get the rank.

Apparently, he was a "trying to infiltrate" our group to give info to Nigerian Cunts. Yes, they're really petty enough to order people they manipulate into spying on a group of a friends.

(I'll get to the Weathernerd bit later, just you hold on, he wasn't kicked he left on his own.)

The ironic bit is, the NC despises Bedpost. Despite him being one of their most active members, they openly don't want to associate with him.

The Nigerian Cunts is not a group of friends, it's just a collection of people who all hate each-other but are the only ones willing to do anything actively malicious in this community in a group. There's constant backstabbing and manipulation among themselves. (Will cover later as well.)

(Another thing I'll get to soon, the NC demoted half their group and kicked a bunch of people out because I posted a screenshot of their discord and played it off as "restructuring".)

I have no idea if Bedpost was being framed by his NC "buddies", maybe they knew their discord was compromised and wanted to throw him under the bus, but he completely exploded after all this went down. This part isn't focused on shunning or shaming Bedpost, but more of show-casing how the Nigerian Cunts manipulate their own members.

Part 2: Ravencroft
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Remember this image? The main focus of it is going to be the theme of the section, Ravencroft's lying. Weathernerd never actually was kicked out of the Nigerian Cunts, he left on his own due to the stupid stuff they were doing.

Isn't that interesting? What did he mean by nice talk? Why don't I show you. Screenshots provided by Weathernerd himself.

That's right, he wasn't kicked out at all, he and Raven had a nice personal talk about Weathernerd's departure. Then, Raven turns around and stuff-talks him. Surprised? Don't be.

A while back, Ravencroft invited Ide (someone Grimlock doesn't particularly like, iirc Ide doxxed Grim) to the Nigerian Cunts just to antagonize and irritate Grimlock, the "co-owner". When Grimlock repeatedly banned Ide, Ravencroft unbanned him and told Grim he would kick Grim out. His habitual and persistent lying over the smallest of things and his double-thinking attitude makes him the probably least trustworthy of the bunch. He's even plotted against Grimlock to get back at him for "leaking NC stuff." and being "untrustworthy", a theme you will find through-out his actions.

When you're in your mid 20s and you spend most of your free time online a lego forum with about 100 active people just to make them angry for the lulz I think you should take a step back and look at where your life is headed.

Ravencroft, obviously, is the leader and enabler of the NC. He's probably the only person besides Grimlock who buys keys for the group and others and orchestrates all their Epic Raids. (hint: most of the NC is under-aged without a job and can't grab their mom's credit card to shill out $10).

Part 3: Grimlock
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as i said: very weak attempt at a forum bomb
I specifically told eon not to bomb the forums immidately after the whole train situation went down.
this roast is almost stuffty enough to get you considered for membership in the chad republic
yea because your forum bombing was pretty weak at best so you had to enlist bedpost and jiggie to help you. you can’t even do that right
Chad republic more like taboo republic
wouldn’t doubt it

what are you talking about lol, eon’s bought like the entire clan an alt in a very short amount of time. i’ve been told privately its him and with some very simple deductive reasoning you figure it out pretty quick
whenever eon buys him his next key
while i agree celau/maxx’s crew is quite obnoxious can we stop using the term “habitual problem user”? It’s run its course three times over

I'm going to focus this part on 2 things. Grimlock's obsession with talking about me/the Chad Republic where-ever he goes, and something else you'll see below.

So, all those quotes were in a 24 hour time-frame all talking about me and my clan. The Nigerian Cunts claims I'm obsessed yet all Grimlock can think about is me. While it's flattering he cares so much about what I say and do he constantly brings drama into un-related threads. Like Raven, Grim is in his early-mid 20s and cares so much what a bunch of teenagers are doing and dedicates his time to stuff on them where-ever he can.

(messages deleted cause ban) This was in the Chad Republic discord, he joined, tried raiding on an alt, and immediately got banned (you can see the join and leave messages). The lengths he goes to get back at me and other people he dislikes (you'll notice he'll stuff on people in random conversations) is honestly pathetic for a man as old as him.

For someone so proud to be a Nigerian, you'll notice Grimlock will NEVER claim responsibility or association for any raids he's in, even though it's loving obvious he was involved. He cares so much about his e-rep and fitting in that he'll try to deny any of his actions.

What was interesting that I wanted to show you? Grimlock invited an owner of a Roblox troll group to enlist them to troll Blockland. It's pretty sad.

You'll notice this group is a different discord than NC, it's infact called:

That's right, he's trying to get the "Legion of Gud Grapes" to help the NC pwn those autistic noobs after a lot of the Cunts left the group from the fall-out of the Celau is Eon ordeal. Still not involved in ANY NC activity though, not at all. Especially not spamming which is why he has various dramas on him about that.

Here's more proof of the owner joining NC:

Part 4: "Honorable" Mentions

Forum suicider, server crasher, spammer, you already know who this is. I don't need to write paragraphs on what this guy does. Just read this.
Interesting enough he spammed up DrenDran's server and got the role marking stuffters, even though Raven is a mod there.


17 year old kid that begs Raven for keys every other week, doxes and ddoses people, dated Tills or some stuff. There's not really much to say about him besides he's just a not cole guy all around. He's BOS/ROS for a reason.

Part 5: BL-IDs
As you may know, Betel, Jiggee, Bedpost, and possibly Raven have alts (since Blockland was on sale). Here's a list of known ones.
Jiggee (222090)
Bedpost (160961)
Betelguese/Beteljew (223005, 53670)

The various users are ban on sight/revoke on sight.

There really hasn't been a good drama summing up the active members of the NC and the stuff they do, so I decided to finally write this up after months of pondering. It's well known most of these people are dicks but most of the stuff that's been posted on the forums doesn't even scratch the surface. It's a bit sad how a clan of adults spends their time on a lego forum antagonizing teenagers for fun.

happy new years folks

bedpost is a furry if you were wondering

oops i forgeted up a link in op
here's the 71 page drama aka the slashes one

Heck here

Am I wrong to think that Betelgeuse isn't that bad of a guy, he seemed pretty cool when he was on my Roadtrip! server I hosted some weeks ago.

 I thought your dramas were supposed to be "high quality".
I've never joined your discord, i don't know if someone joined under my name or what, wouldn't want to be part of that NC reject group anyways. taking the worst elements of nc and thot patrol and combining them to forum a clan isnt the best formula for success.

Raven asked me to stop banning ide and I did. I've talked to ide about the situation and it's been resolved(I think).

a number of the dramas you linked have been proven to be false in regards to me spamming discords, the OP(supersuit12) got banned for being a loving idiot in one, A """""Build stealing""""" drama(loving lol), and one was Mr Queeba being buttblasted because I made an alt.

I'm sorry about the fact that the OP of this thread is a loving idiot. We should have gotten rid of him sooner, and I should have said something about that he was eon earlier. He's talked about doxxing various users before in the NC discord(something we told him not to do) and how he was acting in game on the NC basketball server after being repeatedly warned was the last straw. I don't really have anything else to say other than that if eon seriously spent his new years eve writing the like 500th Nigerian cunts drama that will literally accomplish nothing, he's the real loser here.
pretty much everyone in nc is a massive scumbag

the hilarious irony is that OP was in NC and coordinated a forum bombing with Jiggie and Bedpost, two of the people he's dramaing. don't throw stones from glass houses or something like that.
I'm going to bed, dont really have anything else to say. peace