Author Topic: phantos admits blender is a good program (confirmed)  (Read 9125 times)

why manipulate when you can sketch? up?

these hamcuffs took me 13 minutes to make... lets see you manipulate your way to such a speed

(in case you didn't notice that's a video)

here ya go

it's not optimized or polished to the extent of his but I'm sure I can do that in time considering I took half his time to make this lol
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parts I could have done better:
I'm sure there was a more efficient way to model the bone I just dunno what it is
when I was making the meat ridged I should have subdivided the edges, it would have been faster and looked more like phant0s' model

oh stuff his hams are octagons instead of hexothingies, i should maybe have taken another look at them in the past four days
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sketchup makes making low poly models easy and fun

my school forces me to use sketchup and i hat e it i hate it

Petition to remove Phantos' 3D modelling privileges

Petition to remove Phantos' 3D modelling privileges
he can only keep it if he brings back the bo2 weapon pack

Petition to remove Phantos' 3D modelling privileges

i second this

Ignore the op; use sketchup

everything in this thread is forged

everything in this thread is forged
bitch do i have to do it again and record my fingers moving or smth

the hilighted edges are the remnants of the loving maze of faces that sketchup created on the inside of this super minigun model for no reason except just to forget with me

minigun barrel before i loving saved the world from its terror

minigun barrel after

the 7 triangle rectangle takes the loving cake though jesus christ look at it