What are your thoughts on the new Luna server?

Haven't gotten to play it.
5 (50%)
It's nice to know the server is being worked on again
2 (20%)
Don't really care
2 (20%)
Having problems connecting (Contact Darth C3P0#2171 on Discord if true)
1 (10%)

Total Members Voted: 10

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the real question is why the forget would you man a relay

the kerbal is fuel for the cube

I have like 12 hours in kerbal and ive yet to achieve orbit, im probably just retarded tho lol

brother i invite you into vc to help you out brother

hot wheels meet spicy wheels

Working on the LUNA server, it will come up later. Join the BLF KSP discord (link in OP) and I will start pinging for when server comes up

Server is UP! In the master server it is named Blockland's KSP Server, but if you need manual connection, heres the info


Port: 8800

is there a fortnite mod to ksp

fastest plane i have ever made in general
max TWR of 6.15
max speed of mach 5.05
highest achieved altitude of 29,918
least maneuverable plane, has the turning circle the size of alaska

A Two Stage to Orbit spaceplane I made. There's a few mods I need to get rid of since the updates but oh well. Also, I have no idea why they made it harder to make two stage space planes but at least it appears to snap together nicely.