What are your thoughts on the new Luna server?

Haven't gotten to play it.
5 (50%)
It's nice to know the server is being worked on again
2 (20%)
Don't really care
2 (20%)
Having problems connecting (Contact Darth C3P0#2171 on Discord if true)
1 (10%)

Total Members Voted: 10

Author Topic: The New Kerbal Space Program Megathread - Kraken VTOL Challenge - Thread Updated  (Read 10505 times)


does anyone elses game send you back to the space center when you use the old version of kas?

alright so im gonna revamp this thread a lot pretty soon and see about running the luna server almost 24/7

The LUNA server is coming up later, but more importantly, there is a new challenge.

CHALLENGE RULES: You have to make a VTOL with only stock parts, with two vertical and two horizontal thrusters, and it must be able to fly and change modes at any time during flight, as well as be aerodynamically stable. Insert your designs down below and a poll will be held