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Grappling Hook
Version 1.0

A grappling hook that lets you hang in place! Click to fire, and click to detach. You can swap items while grappled to an object (this can be players or vehicles)

Players and vehicles being grappleable is toggleable as RTB prefs.

Hold space to reel in rope, and shift to let out rope.

90% of the addon is by Hata, models provided and edits by me to have the grapple item mount in the second hand when not in use. At some point Iíll finish the grapple events (onGrapple, onGrappleDetach, detachGrappleHooks, hang)

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does it grapple badspot's bulge
yay the download link is e

god damnit guys stop immediately posting in the topic the second it goes up cant you just let me finish uploading the glass addon AFTER the post is made and THEN editing the topic to have the dl link jesus christ

holy stuff boi he released it

You're a loose cannon, Conan. I'm flipping out over here. The add-ons board is bulging with great add-ons, and you got me hooked!

wait is the hook tied around the loving neck

wait is the hook tied around the loving neck
no that's the quiver

oh, didnt know the quiver goes around the neck

jesus conan you just keep stuffting out quality mods.