Author Topic: Block Sugar from your discord channels and possibly DMs.  (Read 22591 times)

visolator you tell crown i not gay
i feel bad for laughing.
nah this was one of the most funniest conversations she sent me before the stuffshow started

Sugar changed her Discord name to Visolator and changed her pfp to Visolator's too.
tl;dr Sugar is now Visolator
yeah i got a bunch of messages from people warning me or asking if its actually me - wow they got mad and impersonated me for blocking them

Noedit: the picture didn't work
It's basically showing sugar trying to get people to help her because of this thread
She knows that won't work

sugar is now asking me to save her life because of this thread

tbh I always thought she was a troll.

Just because someone has a disorder doesn't mean it's right.
Literally nobody is arguing this...? like lmao

Obviously you can't read the OP as my interactions with sugar are different than yours. You are just lucky she hasn't constantly bothered you by these examples and making new accounts.

Not completely, she is fine with some people. Point of this thread is to warn you that she could do this to you.
Obviously you for some reason took offense to my post and have absolutely no idea what you're talking about. Sugar is a regular at my server and has me on discord, steam, and glass. Yes, she's EXTREMELY annoying sometimes, however there's a reason for it. It's not mine or anyone else's fault but yours for making it seem like she's annoying to be annoying and not because she literally can't help it or anything.

people who use autism as an excuse for this kind of behavior are enablers, clear and simple.

if you truly cared for her you'd tell she's being annoying, otherwise she'd never understand why people are mad at her.

this is my stance. if she's annoying you, tell her to stop. if she doesn't stop, remove her from the situation. she's been drama'd a million times by now like this should be common knowledge as someone stated above.

in my experience, if you tell her to stop she will

one time she video chatted me while she was in the shower naked.

to this day i am still scarred

one time she video chatted me while she was in the shower naked.

to this day i am still scarred

are we supposed to believe that happened