Author Topic: Lord Tony and the Brickadia community - Blatant trolling and off topic spam  (Read 23629 times)

You live up to your forum name.

You are the problem here, not Tony.

You are the problem here, not Tony.
5 brickadiabux have been deposited in your account for this post keep up the good work soldier

This brickadia/blockland war reminds me of TBM/blockland

TBM/Blockland reminds me of how the very first versions of Blockland, made by a single guy in his spare time over 15 years ago, was so modifiable it inspired people to make entire standalone versions of the game. Foggy zoners will never

Imagine being mad at a game

Furious even... but not as furious as foggy zoners will be when the next update drops and a single light drops them 30 fps

To be clear, I am not surprised that the Brickadia community would perform such ridiculous actions, seeing as what type of "unique" traditions they've developed within their discord. In my opinion, they might be jealous that Brickadia compares quite inferiorly to Blockland. In which case, I don't blame them, Blockland is quite an awesome game after all, with it's easy to grasp simplicity and large diverse addon pool. I would be pretty Jealous of Blockland too, assuming I were to be a theoretical member of the Brickhead Foggy zoner cult, which I am not.

Final words: Not surprised the Brickhead foggy zoners would attempt to slander Blockland's reputation.

look how defensive tony has gotten now that he has a drama on him

how am I spamming gallery?

I've seen actual spam in gallery and you didn't drama that

As stupid as that topic is it's far less malicious than the Brickadia discord coordinating to troll the BLF

What the forget are you talking about I'm just sharing my lego builds.

The Brickadia discord is literally telling people to post Brickadia screenshots in Gallery to make people mad as evidenced by the image in the OP