Author Topic: whatcha playin?  (Read 679 times)

all these hoes

and my self

literally nothing. I have nothing to play, and nothing that can play good games. my good computer broke, so I resorted to my tablet computer, then that one broke too. no correlation, no meaning, just stopped loving working one day. i'm on the oldest piece of stuff I have and it runs blockland at the lowest graphics setting at 1280x720 at like, MAYBE 40 frames on a good day
you can run ss13

i'm a brainlet who doesn't know how

yakuza 0
phantasy star online 2 (na version)
sometimes i go back to animal crossing new horizons (the game really needs better updates)
i also beat paper mario the origami king, it's honestly a really good game and almost as great as ttyd, definetly one of my favourite games of this year along with doom eternal

I'm halfway through Yakuza 0 rn

I have been hopelessly addicted to Old School Runescape.

persona 3 and the wind waker are what i've been playing the most recently

microsoft flight simulator 2020

hmm i'd play ss13 but it looks dead and also cring
there's 130 players on the server i main every night...

if you think its cringe its not going to be the game for you. to have fun or to be respected you need to be competent with mechanics that require you to read wikipedia pages, and if that doesnt sound fun, then you wont get into it & probably end up banned for 'greytiding'.

also, servers tag themselves as low, medium and high roleplay, the latter usually even allowing erotic roleplay. if building a story with someone by using ** or /me doesn't sound interesting, you might get bored of the game as well.

oh and i guess youd still need to get over that cringe thing even if you ended up liking roleplay and difficult gameplay mechanics

or you become a goongineer chad and loop the power output :muscle:

also the henry stickmin collection