Author Topic: SPORE FREE DEMO EARLY RELEASE  (Read 8099 times)

Abusing games is fun :3

This one is kind of messed up too.

Still having trouble with adding joints, can someone talk us through it again?

Place a limb, either an arm or a leg, doesn't matter, I'll be using an arm for this example.

So you got your arm in place.
Now, take off the hand itself so it looks like this:

Now grab another limb, and then hold control to attach it to the end of the other arm.


You can do this as many times over as you want.

Always glad to help. Now go out there and make some more horrifying mutants :D

I've added Widosaur to my slideshow. Yes, his arms and legs are both stuck on extrusions.

Here are some I made, my brother made, and two friends of ours made. in alphabetical order.

Flying Spaghetti Monster!

News Flash
The Registration/Login and sharing access for the Spore Creature Creator Free Trial will be available on our official release date, June 17. If you are trying to access these online features in a version of the Free Trial that you currently have, please try again on the 17th.

Damn no login. Gots to get mah creatures in the sporepedia.

Rofl, looks like they accepted the fact that they won't be able to stop over 10 thousand people from pirating this.

yes but they can freeze the accounts. Man I wish my mother would just give me my freking money so I can buy this isn 3 days.

Change topic name, it's Creature Creator Demo.

I think we should just lock this topic and simply post creatures on the other one.
This topic really has no use.

I can't seem to access my first 8 creatures, the game says that I have 9 creations, but it only shows the one I made this session.

I have the save images, but I don't know how to use them.

You can drag and drop the image directly into the editor. From there I guess you could try to save the creature again.
If you're using Vista I've been told you need to give the Spore folders full permission.
Check the readme, too, it might contain some useful info.