Author Topic: Blockland Vending Machine! (OP missed 10 year anniversary and should feel bad)  (Read 488092 times)

you get two half dollars

i insert the skis

i get bunp
i insert skis again please do not die this

skis jam the vending machine and block the slot


fixes machine
gets the skis
* i insert a lego minifigure

you get a lego set of lego mourning the lego death of the lego man you just lego killed in a lego funeral

i insert a lemon (yim yum)

you get lemonade (double yim yum)

insert a stick of plutonium and an uranium reactor

you get a large explosion, oh noes

i insert 1 (one) dollar and then 99 more

you get inflated stock prices, therefore making your 100 (a hundred) dollars useless.

i insert the infamous unchangeable item that repairs the vending machine if it breaks.

The machine completely rejects the item, spitting it back out at you and hums aggressively.

I cautiously insert a postcard from Italy.

you get a picture of a guy pretending to hold the leaning tower but the angle is wrong so he's just kinda hovering his hands behind it

i insert a samsung galaxy phone

 You get a cat named Orion.

* Texan101 inserts a floppy disk.

You get a cat named Orion.

* Texan101 inserts a floppy disk.
not been updated in a week but
you receive a paper for a class assignment about Y2K

i insert an old russian mosin nagant war rifle

you get a modern-version SKS rifle

insert samsung galaxy note S7

you receive a frag grenade

i insert a copy of halo 3

you get three copies of halo 1

i insert a picture of a glass of water