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Forum Games / The blf rates continental antarctica
« on: March 26, 2018, 01:16:27 PM »

color code:
white= not voted on yet
gray = "who?"
red = stuffhole
orange = "just go away"
yellow = "danger danger i dont like you"
blue = okay
teal = good
green = very good
purple = i have positive bias

Off Topic / sleep problems
« on: March 05, 2018, 01:14:33 AM »
alright i understand normal issues with insomnia or whatnot because i have it but in the past year it's been getting better. problem is that i loving wish i had nightmares: reason being that my dreams are just too normal
basically a brief example of what happens is that i dream that my mom came in and told me school was canceled. literally nothing else's in the xyzzz hours im asleep. then i wake up to my alarm and turn it off because i'm fully convinced school is canceled, then just fall back asleep. other times i literally just dream that my cat's in my room and i progress from being asleep to being awake without noticing at all because life is so loving similar and i spend an hour trying to find where my cat hid

just the smallest most pesky things are loving me up constantly. do any of y'all have a similar issue or am i seriously just going crazy again

Off Topic / trackball mouse yay or nay
« on: February 22, 2018, 08:25:50 AM »
people seem to dislike trackball mouses. this is where you confess this sin and say loving wh

(my bf)

Off Topic / uhhhhhhh birthday or something
« on: February 16, 2018, 07:01:52 AM »
hi i am now fifteen years of age. fear me.

Off Topic / 22222 posts also first page
« on: December 18, 2017, 09:11:04 PM »
whoop dee doo, ive got no life
this is what i mean by first page for those who didn't realize it

so ya eat dirt tony you ain't on the top page anymore

Off Topic / Blocklander of the Year 2017 [CONAN]
« on: December 09, 2017, 05:10:04 PM »


2nd place: Mega Bear
3rd place: Pecon
4th place: Gamefandan

2013 Blocklander of the Year (Winner: Eksi)
2014 Blocklander of the Year (Winner: Wrapperup)
2015 Blocklander of the Year (Winner: Swollow)

There's been many posts, many threads, about who the best man may be in this small community. This thread is meant to show who, in the past 365 days, has been the real winner of the title of Blocklander of the Year. Each user may post five nominations in the thread below, with or without reason, for a goal to have a fair and honest poll on whether or not you are the winner. People do things that revolutionize this game's community, or the game itself, from releasing an addon, to creating a server, or to just being a nice guy with chill that's able to make everyone else feel a little bit better when they post. This poll will likely go until around the end of the year, and we'll hopefully come to a consensus on who's the best dude in the block. As in previous years, when it comes to the top four candidates they will all be put into a single poll. Winner of this year's poll gets bragging rights, about how they were once the most liked person in a community of people.

P.S.  If there's any suggestions on what to add to the OP, feel free to PM me or contact me via Steam, or Discord (drydess#8703)

1) You have a maximum of five nominations per user, you can only use one account to nominate
2) No nominating joke accounts, yourself (including alt accounts), bots, and no nominating the same person multiple times.
3) No nominating ban-on-sight users (regardless of how good of a person they may be), and users nominated must actually have played this game.
4) Depending on the voting system, it'd be great if people didn't make or use spam accounts to vote on the polls. A fair and real vote is the best option for everyone
5) Bribery, campaigning, and propaganda is absolutely allowed. However try not to flame or berate users in this thread as a result of this
6) Tiebreakers will be resulted by a second vote the day after
7) The system of who gets pitted up against who will not be controlled by me, but rather a website that does it randomly
8) I'm putting this in off-topic for the sake of getting more attention and a larger turnout, though personally I do think this is where it belongs. If you notify badspot and he decides to move it, your loss
9) You must have at least two nominations from different people in order to be in the poll

12/9/2017 - Topic created, nominations started

12/16/2017 - Nominations end

12/17/2017 - Poll #1 starts

To be updated

The area where I keep track of who's been nominated how many times:

Rally [21]
Mega-Bear [14]
gytyyhgfffff [3]
Conan [21]
gr8dayseth [13]
Khaz [2]
Toxicology [3]
Edd [7]
Zeblote [2]

torin [6]
ahoy [1]
Mocheeze [3]
Mcjob [14]
The GI of MA [2]

Trogtor [2]
OfficerZach [4]
Drydess [5]

PhantOS [1]
Electrk [5]
Lego Lad [3]

Nal [1]
Clone v.117 [1]
Stickman [1]
Dodger [1]
Grimlock [3]
Red spy [1]
Beachbum11111 [4]
GSF Ghost [1]
otto-san [2]
Jam jar [1]
Pecon [3]
Swollow [4]
pwnfulz [2]

Meth [3]
Celau [15]
RallyBlock [1]
MasterLegoDude [1]
hootaloo [6]
2many [1]
The Brighter Dark [4]
Eagle517 [1]
Skill4Life [2]
Maxwell [3]
VerticalHorizon [2]

Refticus [1]
Lord Tony [2]
Rlcbm [1]
Sugar [1]
Furling [2]
Reddboi [2]

Ahead [1]
The Docter [1]
Seventhsandwich [4]
DestroyerOfBlocks [2]

Akio [1]
Nonnel [2]
qwepir [2]
Gamefandan [4]

Isjix [1]
Armyunit [2]
Planr [1]
Barnabas [1]
Darryl McKoy [1]
Trinick [2]
Magus [1]
Swholli [1]
Falosaur [1]
Momentum [5]
Insert Name Here [1]
DrenDran [4]
Robot1232 [1]

[Bold = able to compete]

Polls that have been completed, and future polls:

Poll 1: Mocheeze (17 votes)
DrenDran (40 votes)

Poll 2: Edd (14 votes)
Momentum (15 votes)

Poll 3: The Brighter Dark (20 votes)
VerticalHorizon (4 votes)

Poll 4: Toxicology (8 votes)
Torin (22 votes)

Poll 5: Beachbum111111 (23 votes)
hootaloo (12 votes)

Poll 6: Electrk (19 votes)
Lord Tony (15 votes)

Poll 7: Swollow (14 votes)
otto-san (6 votes)

Poll 8: Drydess (14 votes)
Skill4Life (13 votes)

Poll 9: qwepir (10 votes)
McJob (1 vote)

Poll 10: Rally (13 votes)
Khaz (4 votes)

Poll 11:Meth/Geben (9 votes)
Zeblote (17 votes)

Poll 12:pwnfulz (18 votes)
Celau (30 votes)

Poll 13:DestroyerOfBlocks (9 votes)
ReddBoi (13 votes)

Poll 14:gr8dayseth (21 votes)
gytyyhgfffff (20 votes)

Poll 15:Pecon (18 votes)
Nonnel (5 votes)

Poll 16:ArmyUnit (17 votes)
Grimlock (7 votes)

Poll 17:Lego Lad (41 votes)
DrenDran (37 votes)

Poll 18:Officerzach (9 votes)
Momentum (17 votes)

Poll 19:Conan (22 votes)
TheBrighterDark (7 votes)

Poll 20:Mega Bear (21 votes)
Torin (14 votes)

Poll 21:Maxwell (13 votes)
Beachbum111111 (17 votes)

Poll 22:The GI of MA (6 votes)
Electrk (12 votes)

Poll 23:Trogtor (9 votes)
Swollow (19 votes)

Poll 24:Furling (8 votes)
Drydess (12 votes)

Poll 25:SeventhSandwich (32 votes)
Qwepir (25 votes)

Poll 26:Gamefandan (32 votes)
Rally (17 votes)

Poll 27:Trinick (21 votes)
Zeblote (21 votes) [Coin flip]

Poll 28:Lego Lad (64 votes)
Celau (61 votes)

Poll 29:Momentum (4 votes)
Conan (28 votes)

Poll 30:Mega Bear (13 votes)
Reddboi (3 votes)

Poll 31: Gr8dayseth (28 votes)
Beachbum111111 (13 votes)

Poll 32:Electrk (9 votes)
Pecon (13 votes)

Poll 33:Drydess (6 votes)
Swollow (19 votes)

Poll 34:Seventhsandwich (20 votes)
Armyunit (15 votes)

Poll 35:Gamefandan (18 votes)
Trinick (14 votes)

Poll 36: Lego lad (11 votes)
Conan (19 votes)

Poll 37: Mega Bear (17 votes)
Gr8dayseth (16 votes)

Poll 38: Pecon (14 votes)
Swollow (8 votes)

Poll 39: SeventhSandwich (4 votes)
Gamefandan (18 votes)

Conan (38 votes)
Mega Bear (17 votes)
Pecon (12 votes)
Gamefandan (11 votes)

Anyways, happy voting y'all! Best of wishes to the winner!

Off Topic / forumers that live nearby to you
« on: November 29, 2017, 09:57:46 PM »
just curious who's near who, since it was pretty cool on my own
it just occurred to me when reading an old thread that coolguy lives in my same county of northern virginia and figured hey that's pretty cool, and im p sure e-maxx lives just over an hour away
any other virginia forgets who want to come out of the closet and forget at my place or na

Off Topic / Good way to lift weights?
« on: November 12, 2017, 12:04:44 PM »
/title, been trying to work out recently but can't find anything that works for me

Off Topic / christmas season or thanksgiving season [jews begone]
« on: November 02, 2017, 09:27:18 AM »
halloween ends. a new month dawns.
the important question rises: is it now thanksgiving season or is it christmas season??

vote now on your phones

Off Topic / mustard love thread
« on: October 22, 2017, 11:26:47 PM »
this is the thread where we show love for all of our favorite condiment, Mustard

I would also like to give my condolences for the family of col. mustard who lost his life twenty years ago

Off Topic / twenty
« on: September 12, 2017, 09:39:35 PM »
twenty thousand
twenty thousand posts in the dead sea

wo well would you look at that

also in like a month ill have the most posts per day on the first two pages. forget you foxscotch

General Discussion / 600000 posts in general discussion
« on: August 01, 2017, 09:31:23 PM »
congrats guys we made it!!!

let us celebrate with pictures of delicious cakes

Off Topic / 17 thousand posts
« on: June 16, 2017, 10:37:40 PM »
i have made a whopping seventeen thousand mistakes posts on this great place
just wanted to have an excuse to say that i love all of u in our wonderful contribution to the internet

anywho, just over 2 years and this many posts is ridiculous, how did this happen to me

Suggestions & Requests / make buildbot integrate with newduplicator
« on: June 12, 2017, 05:03:23 PM »
i was looking back for a download for buildbot and found this ( and its great that it can take out savedups from the old duplicator without permission, but i'd love if someone could make it so that it can take savedups from you and be able to buildbot them (since in the newduplicator savedups are on the server side)

Off Topic / national lgbtq+ month (again)
« on: June 09, 2017, 08:58:35 PM »
hello and welcome to maybe possibly non-straightdom
here i will be making gay avatars just like swollow did last year (sorry not doing gifs though)
begone straighties

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