Have you encountered a Renderman?

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Author Topic: The Rendermen (Prepper?)  (Read 115241 times)

This makes me wonder how long this has been around, and if there other awesome but creepy secrets out there, like the possibility of a random admin orb floating around high up in the map.

or like the golden brick, or the shadow

Badspot needs to add some super awesome and creepy easter eggs and stuff, like maybe in th next update.


R  E N  D E R

D   I  E

oh my


It's a sign!!!

OK I am just now posting this but I was building on my home in blockland today and i previously saw all the videos about the Renderman, all of the posts in this thread, and all the pics. So i am alittle paranoid right now so i sat down in a corner of my home where i could see all of my doors windows ect. I said "OK renderman Im going AFK so don't mess with me while im gone." i sat there for about 10 minutes when all of the sudden my front door, my side door leading to my garage, and my kitchen door just open. Now i was scared by that so I screamed ran out of my computer room and ran around my house screaming my head off. now I didn't know how to take a screenshot so I couldn't get proof but i am telling the 100% truth. I don't want to be a noob so If i was lying why post this. I was sitting in my living room(in blockland of course).

Is renderman hunt still Up?

ok I saw someone made a renderman trap did that work?
So I finished my trap

and caught something

It was emitting this black and orange smoke. Here's another picture with some of the orange

When I approached, there was a horrific scream, an explosion and then Blockland crashed.

What I hate most about this thread is that it scares me, just a tiny bit.

God damnit this is a Lego game wtf

So I was taking a picture in a daytime map and I noticed something.

What in the... is that a... Renderman?

No that is obviously a parasprite.

So I was taking a picture in a daytime map and I noticed something.

What in the... is that a... Renderman?
That is obviously a bot...
Maybe some proof, Idk maybe with your wrench out to show that its not a vehicle spawner?