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Author Topic: Boss Battles - Six years...  (Read 1693228 times)

Name: Trifornt
BL_ID: 38424
Previous Experience Administrating: Dr. Block's Jail Escape, Visolator's Boss Battles, Blake1's Simon Says, Vaux's City RPG (Demoted), Hosted some of my own. (I hosted a nigh-popular server "Humans VS creepbears")
Who recommends you?: Joseph1212, Radioactive Mace, Aura, Marathon, Vaux, Dr. Block.
Why should I accept you? (Please elaborate): I am a fair admin to players. I do not act rude and offensive and I have learned how to control my anger and settle a situation. I never attack a player without evidence. (Meaning that if I am told that someone posted a research Link I won't believe it unless a snapshot is given out) I can handle the stress of being an administrator, even if this means not being able to play the game at all and just handling situations. I don't get off until all tasks are complete. (If I do so, I either crashed or a Black-Out occured, which are both very rare for me.) I never take out my emotions on people. I will act calm and casual. Like any good administrator - work comes first. Because if playing comes first, imperfection follows. I strive for an excellent job-done. I don't stop until it is one-hundred percent complete and perfect. I keep an eagle eye on the chat, meaning that any thing posted will most likely be used against the person who violates a rule. Any one I believe was unfairly banned by another admin won't result in an auto-unban. I will consult with that admin and WE will make a decision. I make it so when I communicate to people, I get everything I need out of then as nice as possible and the way they like it. I do my best to use my full potential upon any act, build, error, glitch or event that has been reported with an issue or needs to be made. I do not go out and make my own bosses or add new ones because I know that is up to you for decision, not me. I am not at all better than any one else. Everyone has their balance. I do not use admin unfairly on players. Usually I end up asking others if I should ban first. Consideration of this application is all up to you.
Your Timezone/Region: Eastern Time Zone. (EST)
Pecon7 - Approve
Excellent reasoning. Application is complete and meets requirements, though the recommendations were a little weak.
NeutralZero - Approve
Narkro555 - Approve
Kuta - I feel like his lack of experience with the game might impede his ability to administrate it? That being said, app looks like it wasn't tossed out by a 9 year old, this is good by today's standards.
Marioguy0 - Abstain
User seems to have a decent application, although I am personally familiar with this user to enough of an extent to note that he has lashed out mildly at administrators and other users in the past that he is not acquainted with.  If not for that, I would have given a very positive review of this application.
Jetz: This guy is clearly not a moron. Recommendations are weak but history is alright. He does seem to center around things expected of admins anyway, but he states it very thoroughly and clearly in a gigantic wall of text. Approve.
Name is Unavailable- Abstain. "Learned how to control my anger" worries me a lot. I've had plenty of people who have "controlled" their anger problems, none of them turned out pretty. Decent application though.


New name: Cheif
BL_ID: 28503
Previous Experience Administrating: My friend's server (derrell)
Who recommends you?: LolSniperPwnage, Assassin's Creed 3 (I am not sure if they still have the same names), and players who come to my server
Why should I accept you? (Please elaborate): I'll ban cheaters, chat-spammers, etc. I will keep people in line and I won't abuse players and I visit the server almost everyday
Your Timezone/Region: PST (California)
Pecon7 - Disapprove
Below par, nothing standing out.
Narkro555 - Disapprove
Only one real name, one server, and generic reasoning.
NeutralZero - Disapprove
Not enough previous administration , overall lacks Administration experience
Kuta - What is he even the cheif of?
Marioguy0 - Disapprove
User has failed to meet the maturity standard expected for an admin of any server in the past, very weak recommendations, poor reasoning for acceptance.
Jetz: If you keep people in line, an angry boss is going to come along, start stabbing them all, and ruin your line. It's a dumb thing to aspire to! Disapprove.
Name is Unavailable- Lack of experience and recommendations. Disapprove.


Who recommends you?: No one.
Why should I accept you:Because I wanna make something new in the arena. It's a hidden key where you can unlock it to a hidden place.
Previous Experience Administrating: Never
Your Timezone/Region: Not gonna tell
Pecon7 - Disapprove
Application is not complete, does not meet minimum requirements, no reasons to approve.
Narkro555 - Disapprove
Application not complete, and the reason is innapropriate.
NeutralZero - Disapprove
Doesn't fit any of the requirements and only applying for building is not a valid reason to be admin.
Marioguy0 - Disapprove
Application appears to meet none of the standards set up by the administration, even including entire failure to provide information.
Kuta - There is a reason I made a mod specifically to prevent people from building stupid things in my server, lol.
Jetz: I'm not even going to grace this with my disapproval. forget off.
Name is Unavailable- Is this a joke?


IGN: Fab
BL_ID: 25231
Previous Experience Administrating: Nasoa's Kart Racing, Shadowcrusnik's server, My own server, Lt.Jamergaman's snow trech warfare.
Who recommends you?: Kiwibear, Shadowcrusnik. (Nasoa?)
Why should I accept you? (Please elaborate):I think I would be great admin, with the experience I got since my last attempt to earn admin, I play blockland frequently, and it's very probable that I keep an eye on the server.
Your Timezone/Region: General Brazil, (U.S. west coast)
Pecon7 - Disapprove
Not enough reasoning, recommendations are weak.
Kuta - Kiwibear is cool bro, but, rest of app is like a potato; it only powers a lightbulb for an hour, not long enough to be admin.
Narkro555 - Disapprove
Too generic.
NeutralZero - Disapprove
Not enough experience, not descriptive enough.
Jetz: Plenty of people play Blockland frequently. Most of them would make terrible admins. Also it's "very probable" you'll keep an eye on the server? No, I'm not gonna take a chance on you. Disapprove.
Name is Unavailable- More recommendations, more experience, elaborate more. Boring application is boring. Disapprove.
Name: BlockoBlocko
BL_ID: 34206
Precious Experience Adminstrating: My server, Yogi's RP, Radioactive Mace's TF2 Koth Alpha, Areeb1002's Jail Escape, Emo Jew's Falling Platforms, Gamecube64's server, HADSPOT's server, shadeymatt's server, Wilder's server, SeriousGinger's Generic Island TDM, Krayn's Jail Escape, Lt. Jamergaman's Winter Trench TDM, Orangeman's Christmas Chainsaw DM, Zacaust's server, Blazealiki's server, Fanta's Christmas Village, et cetera.
Who recommends you?: Executioner, Radioactive Mace, Eepos, Yogi, Areeb1002, HADSPOT, Tetrahedron, Ark.
Why should I accept you?: I mostly come on-line when there are no admins in the server. When I get on the server, I always try to be fair and be nice to people, even if they are jerks. Therefore, I believe that I can contribute to build a friendly and accommodating atmosphere for the server, which will improve the way people consider and rate the server. Also, I play in this server everyday, and I think there are many people who need to be banned.
Your timezone/region: Pacific Timezone, UTC/GMT +9 hours
Pecon7 - Disapprove
Application is okay, just doesn't show anything extraordinary.
Kuta - Ain't never hearda none o' these folk. Nope
Narkro555 - Disapprove
Would be good if it wasn't for "people who need to be banned" quip.
Ban the heathens!
NeutralZero - Disapprove
Mainly because you said "many people who need to be banned"not even giving them a proper warning.
Marioguy0 - Disapprove
Same song and dance as the last three, a decent application save for the "people needing to be banned" part.  Take note of this if the user applies in the future, if possible, and if he leaves it out in any future applications and does in fact get accepted, remind him that banning people without an active and just reason is not proper conduct for an administrator.
Jetz: Your application isn't particularly offensive, but there's room for improvement. Recommendations could use work. Additionally the "many people who need to be banned" should be reported, rather than waiting until you're in power to do it yourself. Disapprove.
Name is Unavailable- No idea who any of these hosts are. No idea who these people you want banned are. No idea why I'd want you as an admin. Disapprove.


In-game Name: BlackShadow
BL_ID: 30562
Application: Administrator
Administrative Experience:  I've been Super-Admin on many popular servers including: Christy Redfield's Blockombat, Wiggy’s Train DM, and Lolz??(now OrangeMan)'s Freebuild. I have been Admin on iloveipad's Freebuild, TheRaven's Server, all of OrangeMan's Origin Clan Servers (four or five in number, with up to 20 people), OrangeMan’s SniperRifle DM (updating), Darth Blackout’s Halo TDM, Brickcake’s Prision Game, and very briefly, on Kalphiter's New Years Eve Prep. I also held a respected position on Dr.Zegobob’s Swordplay TDM as Moderator.
Agent Bright Light/Agent Dark Moon BL_ID: 34622
OrangeMan BL_ID: 26810
Christy Redfield BL_ID: 37699
Noodles BL_ID: 34801
Radioactive Mace BL_ID: 28093
Quacky BL_ID: 37452
Ice Cube BL_ID: 11763
Peanut3567 BLID: 4830
Wiggy BL_ID: 7361
Why You Should Accept Me: I am a well-measured, trusted, and tolerant person, so I will not do weird and horrible things like destroying bricks, cussing out players, or randomly banning/kicking people, etc. You might also be interested to know that I have never been banned from a server for more than one minute, and, I also hold the current record for “Best Admin Place Ever!”I am a confident but humble person and I will co-operate with and freely consider the ideas of my fellow admins and not arbitrarily reject those of players. I will fulfill my reputation as a trustworthy, knowledgeable, and helpful person and will come to the aid of anyone who is in need of help that is reasonable and within my power. I will use all my enthusiasm, judgmental tolerance and fairness to moderate your server with care.
 I think I can bring some fresh ideas to the server, like installing an observer room so that players can watch without have to worry about being attacked. While this may not be the best idea, it is a quick example of what I can bring to the server.
How long I can be on: Usually from 10am to 1pm on Saturdays and Sundays, and possibly Friday afternoons.
Timezone: EST
Kuta - I saw kalphiter in the list of ppl......... Lol; I'm also curious how a person holds the title for "best PLACE ever." (Because places are not people) He did not spellcheck this either, lol. Other than that, I see nothing particularly wrong about this app, don't see anything that stands out though along the lines of positives. Still, it wasn't written by a monkey on a typewriter, so I'd say he's OK, so long as nobody else sees any problems.
Narkro555 - Approve
Very impressive recommendations and lots of servers. Put a lot of effort into the application, and seems overall like a good new admin to me. I approve him.
NeutralZero - Approve
Very specific on reccomendations, even put the BLID's of the people who reccomend him, seems like a very trustworthy and mature person to be admin.
Jetz: Don't even know where to start. First of all, you can only be online 3 hours on the weekend and *maybe* Friday? Second, recommendations are weak. Third, and most crushingly of all: Snuffers on the forum pointed out that you posted this everywhere:
 Right down to the idea for how to contribute to the server. Of course it's not the best idea - it's not tailored to the server at all, much like the rest of the app. Double disapprove.
Name is Unavailable- Not a lot of time you could put into helping administrate the server at all, it's as if you'd never be there. Jetz' investigation also helped me disapprove this.


Previous Experience Administrating:Dazedog's Server and Beefcaik's Server
Who recommends you?: Dazedog, Beefcaik and others from awhile back I do not remember.
Why should I accept you? (Please elaborate): I consider myself a good eventer/builder and am usually on
to moderate, and I am also trustworthy, and I don't lie. I'm good at moderating and I can make sure that everyone
is having a good time.
Pecon7 - Disapprove
Application not complete.
Kuta - Wonderbread is cooler.
Narkro555 - Disapprove
If you can't even find your time zone you aren't competent enough to administrate a server.
NeutralZero - Disapprove
Like pecon the App is incomplete, it also lacks administration experience.
Jetz: Making sure everyone is having a good time is a monumental task. You have no idea what you'd be getting yourself into trying to keep everyone happy on the internet. Disapprove.
Name is Unavailable- Below average application. Disapprove.


Name: Aapoh
BL_ID: 25079
Previous Experience: Cysero's Medieval RP[SA] (Active Position). Nasoa's Cart Racing[A] (Active Position). DarkHero's Mini Empires[SA] (Active Position). Ryan543's Freebuild[A] (Server Dormant). My own server[SA] (Active Position). Minomatos's Time Zone RP[SA] (Server Dormant). Captain Thomas's Private House Build[SA] (Active Position). Tezuni's JAIL RP[Moderator] (Active Position).
Who recommends you?: Captain Thomas: "Well, I -do- know you will bear down on people who break the rules." Minomato: " First, I'd say that you've had plenty of experience from Cysero's server-- dealing with troublesome players (both malicious or simply mischievous). You've also had experience with working with other admins. You might not always get along with them, but it's made you aware of the expectations of others and how to effectively cooperate and compromise.  Second, you are ambitious. You carry your ideas from conception to realization, even when disheartened by the criticism and competition of others, including myself and [] (who was probably less generous, I believe it is fair to say.) You not only come up with concepts and ideas, but you have the will to follow up on them." Ryan543: "I, Ryan543, friend of Aapoh, Hereby state that he is a worthwhile moderator in the game of Blockland; If there is no such place as moderator, trust him with basic administration rights. I, Ryan543, may not be a popular person to be used as a reference, but I can trust Aapoh with Admin rights." Colten: "I believe Aapoh would make a good admin. He is quite trustworthy, and he is good at solving issues." Bejacks: "I honestly think Aapoh would make a pretty good admin, I mean he is loyal and respectful" Tezuni: "Yeah, I think you would make a good admin at Pecon's." Ostinyo: "I think you would fit well as an admin there." Elm: "I think you'd be great there, go for it." DarkHero: "I truly think you would make a great admin over at Pecons." Gentoo: "You're a dedicated person, that will stay true to yourself. You have integrity, which would make you a fit admin." Barnabas: "Aapoh is an interesting person, who can get a party rocking. Aapoh is the Best Buy, in a low-pice field. Winning friends by the thousands: Aapoh. Mother, father, sister, brother, all have their reasons for preferring Aapoh for admin." PowerDag: "I don't remember seeing an Aapoh at any of the servers you've liste
d, although I'm probably just mistaken. Regardless, he seems like a fine individual. Recommended." Cysero: "You take serious matters with bold behavior. You've been dedicated to my server as an admin for quite a while. And I know you would do the same at Pecons, or any server for that matter." Nasoa: "Very committed to the servers he is admin at. Always keeps the players best intentions in mind." TwenteFreak: "Aapoh you'd make a good admin there, I know you wouldn't tolerate idiots."  (These recommendations might not include any "House-hold-names" however, these are some trustworthy, levelheaded individuals.)
Why should I accept you?: I think I would make an ideal admin at this server because, in my opinion, I show dedication to individual subjects. I feel I am familiar with the players that attend the server. I also am quite good at putting myself in other peoples perspectives, seeing issues from both sides. I plan to help out with this server as best as I possibly can. I believe this server becomes weak with admins at certain time periods. From what I've observed, the server is usually unguarded, or empty at night specifically. I myself, am a bit of a night own if you will, and can make sure the server is not corrupt when other admins are not present. Earlier stated by one of my references, Minomato, I do not always get along with other admins. Sure this may be looked at as a problem at first. However I believe this manor is no other than assertive behavior. Being passive with other admins, and going with the flow can be considered easier. However in every server, diverse opinions are vital. I find myself to be friends with a few of the admins at this server. Gamfandan is a friend of mine, I recall going to his server and help with testing out his course. I also am familiar with Darren from Barnabas's Cbrown town City. Also, TheBlackParrot, I believe is good friends with one of my good friends, Gentoo. I also know this server is dedicated, and I know how hard the admin team on this server works, to execute an enjoyable experience for the players. I myself would be honored to help execute the server standards. My opinion on bans is very vast. I believe bans should be properly fitted for what the player has done wrong. I agree bans should always be the last resort, it's an admins responsibility to get every last piece of information on an issue, before making a final decision. I believe that bans should be a group decision, between the admins present at the time. However if it is just one admin at the server, I believe they should consider what other admins might do based on the situation. Warnings are vital, as an admin on other servers always give warnings before I take any action. Players being disrespectful to admins is no reason to ban. If you are an admin, and you get disrespected by a non-admin, that's a personal issue that you need to handle with that individual on your own time. Because at the end of the day, this server is about equality. It's not very equal, if an admin can ban a non-admin because they where being disrespectful to them. Yet a non-admin can not ban an admin, if they are being disrespectful. Admins, in my opinion, are there to intervene as a third party when it comes to civil cases between two players. 
Your Timezone/Region: Mountain Time (East Coast)
Kuta - He made of a point of saying that he knows "well known players" rather well, and that he's seen admins in action, lol so have I, results of that vary. Also, lots of big words.
Also Tezuni is a whore, so, I dunno about his approval of people; but I like this app a bit more than others. No grammar mistakes (as far as I can tell)
Yes, unless anyone else has problems.
Narkro555 - Recommend
Application is complete and detailed. Lots of recs, lots of servers, and a paragraph's worth of explanations of how reasonable he is at banning people. I think this guy is overall the most deserving of admin.
NeutralZero - Abstain
I don't know wether you should be considered admin or not, mainly because you say your an admin at Tezuni's server, and I haven't heard anything good about Tezuni's admins, some even pretend to be good but end up just apping to mess the server up, overall I don't know I can trust you or not.
Jetz: You wrote so much I didn't want to read it. So I didn't. Halfway through I stopped. Call me unprofessional but by then I had pretty much made up my mind anyway, reasoning that unless the plot twist at the end is that this guy is secretly God (Who actually I'd also deny an admin app from - I've seen his work before), nothing would excuse this lack of concision and focus. Trim that mess down. Get rid of the parts of the text that are redundant or not to the point, then try again. Call me too focused on the writing style rather than the message and effort, but if you write an essay, I'm reviewing an essay. Disapprove.
Name is Unavailable- It's 2 am. I can't read a novel. Abstain.

Approved, but barely

Approved today:
Name: Trifornt, BL_ID: 38424
Name: Aapoh, BL_ID: 25079

Admin Application

Name: N00B PWNER
BL_ID: 39831
Previous Experience Administrating: Kong123's server, Redguy's unlimited mining, Twizzles fort wars
Who recommends you?: Redguy, Kong123, and Twizzle
Why should I accept you?:I have had experience being an administrator and I am very trustworthy and I can make the server better with no sudden fights or insults.
Your Timezone/Region: West California

Name:Dead Manny
 Previous Experience Administrating:My mini game and a freebuild server
 Who recommends you?:TrueBlade dr.octoberfest
 Why should I accept you? (Please elaborate):You can trust me with it and i wont abuse it i swear
 Your Timezone/Region:Eastern Time Zone

Some of these apps are just insulting.

Admin Application

1.Name: N00B PWNER
2.BL_ID: 39831
3.Previous Experience Administrating: Kong123's server, Redguy's unlimited mining, Twizzles fort wars
4.Who recommends you?: Redguy, Kong123, and Twizzle
5.Why should I accept you?:I have had experience being an administrator. I am very trustworthy and I can make the server better with no sudden fights or insults.
Your Timezone/Region: West California

1. Fine
2. Same as 1
3. I'd seen you in Kong's today, your previous administrations are false
4. Same as 3
5. Really? First sentence clearly lies as I mentioned in 3 and 4. Second one I don't belive because you kept bugging Pecon7 with requests that are unreasonable


 my final admin application

Admin Application

Name: N00B PWNER
BL_ID: 39831
Previous Experience Administrating: I have not administrated yet but i know how to and i swear to all gods that i will not do anything, ANYTHING bad.
Who recommends you?:  Sophia4 and slowsnow2
Why should i accept you?: I Will make this server a better place by stopping any sudden fights or insults and I am very trustworthy and i will never do anything bad or harmful to this awesome server.
Your Timezone/Region: West California

Name: Mr.MacFluffyBunz
BL_ID: 25552
Previous Experience Administrating: I am an admin on Brotatoe's Terrain TDM and any other server by Brotatoe.
Who recommends you?: No one.
Why should I accept you? (Please elaborate): I am not a friend that will kick anyone because they killed me, I can also stop the minges.
Your Timezone/Region: EST or GMT -5

Just to be sure, is Point Blank equipped to sentries so that no random idiot gets infront of their firing range and makes them get damaged heavily?

Just to be sure, is Point Blank equipped to sentries so that no random idiot gets infront of their firing range and makes them get damaged heavily?
I could add an arming delay to the rockets, I don't know if that would fix the issue though.