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Servers up now. We've been expanding the map a lot. I'm trying to add more RPG elements, and things that last after death, so you can feel like you've been building up something.

(In development) is a large Glacier, that will have some ruins on it in which you can get XP (somehow, haven't decided yet) and gain the ability to change your playertype to something stronger and faster. Obviously I'll never let it get too high, and it will be a slow buildup, but I want people to feel as if they don't lose everything.

why a glacier rather than an iceberg?

You now gain 10 points for each player you kill. You can spend points at the Glacier Island to upgrade your health, maxing out at 250HP. Combining this with a kevlar vest and you could be very powerful, if you work for it.

It makes the world more dangerous, and gives you more stuff to do once you get the best equipment.

I think that my awesome power and success crashed the server :c

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