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That's why I hate Simon Says when using the desert map. It only has a physical map notification so people who don't look at it get forgeted.
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Server is open and ready to be hosted.

lmao, TacoTuesdayOrBust is desperate for attention.

how does that make him desperate

He's impersonating me for whatever reason, most likely to confuse people as to who's who and to get people to dislike me. Seems desperate if that's the case.

I don't understand the logic behind thinking that's the real TacoTuesdayOrBust. I don't know which one is more of a red flag, the fact that he is impersonating you already or that he has 22 after his name.

Wait the real taco doesn't have a 22 in front of his name? Well color me surprised.
Edit: did a lookup, turns out it was boner. My apologies for accusing Taco.
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so can a mod re-open the server cuz i got my mod removed pls

lmao, TacoTuesdayOrBust is desperate for attention.
Jesus boner

moon 2.0 preview two........ new bullet hell environment in holodeck

blue means dont move....

coming soon to a server near u

blue means dont move....

Does blue kill you if you do move then!

all the lasers do 10 damage

god help us all jailbreak keeps crashing
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also just a question: maybe all the people that die to the simon says board are mentally deficient but how do you guys like your game notifications? do you prefer that it says it in chat in big letters? or would you prefer an actual physical sign in the map?
Make it Sliiiiiightly over the warden talk in the middle