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I don't want to!

I can't stop blinking.

Your being is unstable, and is travelling between dimensions rapidly.

Everything I lick dissolves!

You're doing too much acid.

I can't stop making puns!

Make 'room' for your mind.( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I like to do nothing each Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

You're physically incapable of movement and will die within the next two days

I went to sleep late.

You have acute p-spot cancer

I slipped and fell on my face

Only if you slipped on a lego i will help you.

Doctor i have autism!


doctor I drank 20 bottles of wine and now I'm blind, deaf, and can't stop cumming for some reason

Your liver stopped functioning and you're dead
Cumming is a normal side effect of liver dysfunction

My dung is blue

You're high on opium.

I can't stop peeing from my eyes?

man up you little bitch

doctor my richard is bleeding profusely

man up you little bitch

doctor my richard is bleeding profusely

You are going to explode.

I've had the urge to murder everything. Maybe it's a side effect of fighting millions of demons?

You are experiencing a rare reaction, where the material emancipation grid, may have emancipated your richard.

Doctor, im being harrased by a talking blue sphere, that is also an idiot. Who is named wheatley, what should i do?

Eat a seven foot carrot

Doctor, I'm starting to shrink and I can't stop what if I can't stop what if I implode to death what op is silly heeeeeeeeelllp

*Gets microscope*Dont worry,thats what happens when you eat poop.

Doctor,i am intelligent. Around 200 IQ more.