Author Topic: I got a TV show deal with Adult Swim.  (Read 24963 times)

i couldnt help myself

tbh i like the original style too. it has a very squidbillies feel to it

This is still really good though.

Now I can't tell which I like better, the jagged edges or the smooth edges.

I do look like an asian-mexican in Mod Man's artwork though lol.

Tony make sure to show the Adult Swim guys all the work we've put into this lol

I'm already working on it. I just a picture to their other show lol.

Also make sure they're aware that you've got a team assembled and some of us here are willing to wear many hats in the production (e.g. the cost of the production is gonna be really low lol)

am I being pranked?

Just gotta keep hashtagging #ONEANDAHALFTONYS and #TONYANDKEVIN everywhere!

how was kevin born
Tony was making a bowl of cereal and accidently spilt some fanta in it causing an explosion followed by Kevin

I'll even be fine with a one time 15 minute special on their 4am TV slot.

They aired this afterall.

whos buying the fanta for you kevin

I'm not intentionally starting stuff. It just happens to follow me whenever i go because even if i say something seemingly completely uncontroversial you people practically start it yourselves and then blame it on me.
rule number 1 if literally everybody is an starfish then its probably you thats the starfish

This isn't the first time I got on TV with Adult Swim.

They aired this on 4am on their television network. They not only named a crawfish after me but they showed the part where I called them up to talk about it.

To Adult Swim I go by many names.

I am Lord Tony.

I am Walmart Tony.

I am Tommy The Craw.

I am Tony the guy that likes to climb.

I am one and a half Tonys

I am the Tony who wins too much Adult Swim swag.