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this is the clan, its the only one

Cape Gloire now has a railroad called the Rio Norte line, constructed from revolutionary Rearden metal

also I learned the new duplicator can load bricks ridiculously faster than the default Load Bricks button. I feel more incentive to build huge projects now. making a new huge continent, the sister to Cape Gloire

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welcome TheArmyGuy to Square Society!!

cape gloire 2?

we are calling the new landmass Bogart Plateau. it will be home to all new wildlife and architecture

the rare honey-eating dinosaur, a beautiful breed

I built the ribcage and a weathered scapula

also worked on an arabian-mexican village

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the fresh CACTUS RUM brewed in the market stall is both delicious, and good for polishing stone

arabian-mexican village looks epic

arabian-mexican village looks epic
we're making some great progress on it, soon it will be very fleshed out

the temple of the occult. who knows what kind of witchcraft has happened here?

Durango Village, a hub of commerce and cross-pollination between American and Arabian cultures.

i think you will all enjoy the new features! there is plenty of lore inter-woven in the build. the palace is one of my fav builds yet