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station 3 has been shut down and folded into a new settlement... STATION 5! an even MORE MASSIVE and INTRICATE cyberpunk city!!!

the textures for this were designed a couple years back and have been released since then, but here's a chance to get em right here. if you wanna download the station 3 print pack, which contains all of these cool futuristic textures, you can do so below:

Thanks man, I owe you one.

I built a little hamlet the other day. more to come!

more like
circular civilization

weird chair people

please show tolerance towards chair people

cape gloire remastered w/ terrain by the talented zeustal

Id3s0ac's Halo skybox got me wanting to build something from Halo

so I built the warthog, maybe will build other stuff like covenant vehicles

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shout out to id3s0ac for chillin on my server in the wee hours

nailing these vehicles is tough in BL but I like how they turned out.