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I love all your guys stuff, keep up the good work!!!!!

Let us welcome our two newest members: Wolfly and Id3s0ac, two excellent builders who made great contributions to the Londo Archipelago map

I love all your guys stuff, keep up the good work!!!!!
thank you Pablo, your purple walrus clan really played a role in getting me into BL back in the day. this might not exist without purple walrus!

this is legit the best clan

this is legit the best clan
thank you! we try to make the best blockland stuff we can

Many members of Square Society are working on the BL New Years 2020 build so stay tuned. It's not a Square Society project but we are excited to make contributions
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square society is going to take control of new years. do not be fooled

I made some updates to the map Cape Gloire, added some buildings and a new twist to the gameplay. will host it soon. (tomorrow and sunday)

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Mega Bear: Evil Dictator!!

Square Society has spent the past year working on our paradise: Cape Gloire. But when I debuted it in July, players told me that it was missing soPhysician Prescribed Desoxyning. The quests and chest hunting were cool, but the build lacked moving parts. I think tonight I figured out how to make it more fun for players. Mega Bear now rules Cape Gloire as an absolutist mayor. Blockland is dead and I'm taking over this wasteland!

Pictured below: Mega Bear and his minions march jeprimer to the sacrificial altar, after mutilating jeprimer in battle.

Pictured below: Mega Bear has forced GalaxyGamer to throw radioactive nuclear fuel rods at Ide for entertainment!

pictured below: a lone adventurer sets out in search of land beyond Mega Bear's iron fist...

Mega Bear: Overthrown

The people of Cape Gloire eventually overthrew Mega Bear and elected Bloccohed as the new mayor. Bloccohed had been a member of Mega Bear's minions for hours, but saw that Mega Bear's brutality and slavery was wrong. He illegalized slavery and sought a more egalitarian society, until...

Mega Bear: Reloaded!!

Bloccohed was supplanted, and the people put Mega Bear back into a position of absolute power! After all the murder and backstabbing... Mega Bear, a fake nice monster, was reinstated as mayor of Cape Gloire!!

From now on, I will be hosting Cape Gloire as a very open-ended gamemode. Players may do the NPC quests and find chests, but there will also be big political questions at stake. Who should be the leader? Who gets firearms? Who is allowed to kill, and under what circumstances? Me and ~20 other players explored these questions tonight in the form of a deathmatch/role-play hybrid. Join me next time!

If you want to be notified when I host next, join the Square Society discord!

spuds smoking jasa on tbd's casino royale tonight

I built this dinky little Mars base exactly 4 years and 1 week ago. It's just a hut, some plants, and very simple terrain. But this build snowballed into my 2016 build Planet Londo, which made me realize I love building sci-fi & fantasy landscapes. Me and jeprimer immediately knew that even after playing Blockland for 7 years, we still had a lot of brick energy. So we founded Square Society.

This month marks 10 years that I've played Blockland. At least, I think it does. Based on my BL ID, I think I got the game around the time of my birthday in 2009. And man, what a ride it's been! Blockland introduced me to my best friend and has always been a creative outlet for me. Make no mistake, this is not a leaving post. I enjoy the game and community too much to quit. I just noticed that the Mars base turned 4 years old last week and felt it was a good time to say thanks to all of you guys for supporting this clan and for supporting me.

Keep placing bricks.

yep we are all getting older but Blockland is still a great place to hang out, get creative and make cool builds with friends!