Author Topic: Square Society: So long, and thanks for all the bricks!  (Read 89282 times)

icosahedron empire endorses this thread

forget circle community, this post made by triangle tribe
icosahedron empire endorses this thread
Square Society proposes an alliance between all non-circle shapes: the Polygon Pact

also, Skweave has been welcomed as a member of Square Society, everybody clap for him

what about the polygon public

who will teach skweave the secret handshake

since i stopped making blockland content let alone play it I figured I'd post some of my vrchat content. I recently redid the lighting with Bakery and I'm still working out some lightmapping bugs so this isn't the live version of my world, but if you wanna visit heres the link

I like it, it looks really nice and cozy. The lighting especially adds to that feeling/vibe.

attention everybody, thearmyguy is touching up his airbus a380. what a great, accurate build

thats just plane boring

its great tho

Get the all-new Square Society helicopter from now:

handy new add-on from Id3s0ac: Bot Holes Extra

Adds additional sizes of bot hole bricks

The Brighter Dark's new server Chest Quest: a very challenging chest minigame! Great build too!
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